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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Feeling less than accomplished  ;( Ugh... yesterday was just one of those days.  Nothing goes right, I try to substitute chocolate with watermelon (kinda worked...)  Just feeling very blah and need to vent.  Sincere apologies. 

I woke up at 4 am with my mosquito bites itching like crazy - kept me up for an hour or so.  Fell back asleep, then woke up tired of course.  Started my duties, etc... caught the bus down to 25th st to feed a new cat.  All went well there, then tried to cut the nails of a cat who needs valium for such events.  Well... the valium didn't kick in after 2 pills and almost 2 hours.  We did a nail trim and a butt shave on the one cat, but nothing on the other.  I did however eat delicious fruit while we were waiting. 

I then came back to do my lunchtime dog walks.  Everything was fine except for one dog who is getting growly when I try to put the harness on her.  The owner was there to witness it, but it still happened.  Lucky an hour later I was going to a training session with another dog who was doing the same thing.  I learned ALOT and it was great, but time flew and I was there for 3 hours.  Dizzy and starving when I got home, we ordered dinner.  By the time I ate and had the strength to go back out, it started pouring.  My night ended with 2 rainy dog walks and being woken up at 4am to this face who needed to go out back.

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