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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What a storm last night!!!  Thank God, we needed it.  It figures that during the time of the storm I had stuff to feed and walk.  3 dogs and a cat.  Mike gave me a ride down to 3rd and Locust during the worst of the rain and wind...and hail..  I had to go to Society Hill Towers.  That whole area is a wind tunnel on a normal day, but during a storm like this, I couldn't even keep the car door open long enough to get out!  Finally on the 3rd try I made it out, shoes off, and ran to the front door of the building.  Storms are quite scary on the 18th floor when you are surrounded by windows.  All I was thinking on the way down was, "Please let the elevator make it all the way down!!"  Made it back to the car a little wet, but in one piece.  There were down trees EVERYWHERE on the way back.

It was still storming at 9:30 when I had to take these 2 kids out.
They took one look at the weather and ran back in.  I had to drag them outside to at least pee and then we ran home.  They got lots of treats and made gremlin sounds while trying to dry off.  Poor kids.

This morning everyone just seemed a bit out of it.  I guess it was the thunder and craziness.  All of my morning dogs were just acting a bit off... but still happy to walk.

Suzie wanted to hide in the bookshelf......

The aftermath outside was crazy!!  This was just within 4 blocks from my house!

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