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Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Church Cemetery and a Flutist

Last week I was walking my normal dog through the normal old cemetery at St. Peters and I saw a man playing the flute on one of the benches.I thought to myself, "This is nice, I never get dog walking background music."  Then we passed by him and he changed the song for my dog that I had. She immediately was smiling and entranced.  He was a nice man, told me how he lived in NY and was a professional musician.  Then another dog came up to us who was barking incessantly.  The lovely flutist starting playing a song to calm that dog down and it worked! We all stood around, he took a few requests.... it was delightful.  Could have stayed there all afternoon.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Rules?? There are no rules for tough guy construction workers!

I am pet sitting for 2 different clients who are neighbors in a new development.  Half of the development is still under construction which not only makes things incredibly difficult for the people already living there, but for me as well.

There was a major leak from a pipe in the basement of one of the houses.  They were repairing it for days (days).  I was told that there was a clog in the big pipe underground next to her house and they were having trouble unclogging it.  I was there 4x/day for almost a week and kept an eye on the progress.  The dog that I walk over there has a spinal deformity so I am extremely protective of him with bigger dogs, big steps, etc.

One afternoon  I saw that one of the construction workers had his dog with him (A wheaten terrier), no leash.  The dog was by his side and not moving so I left it alone.  The next day I was there to walk the dog around 7:30 a.m. and he was there again.  I didn't know the dog was with him until he came bounding up to us in the parking lot (off leash) and startled the hell out of my clients dog.  I picked my dog up and started yelling, "Who's dog is this??!!"  The one guy starts calling for the dog to come back to him, but the dog is not listening.  He is running all over the development at top speed, peeing on peoples houses, etc.  I brought my dog inside, came back out and told him that this was an accident waiting to happen.  As I was talking to him, he started to ignore me and stare at the work he was doing in the big hole that he dug.  I finally got his attention and said that he can't have his dog running loose around there. There are tons of dogs in that development and it's not safe, plus Delaware Ave is about 100 ft away! His reply, "Oh, he's pretty good. He always comes to work with me."

I Shook my head and went to take care of the cat. Twenty minutes later I headed out to the next dog and at the end of the development I see a woman frantic on the phone.  She had his dog closed in the small dog park area that is for the development.  I heard her calling animal control and his cell. I went up to her, interrupted her call and told her that it was the dog of the stupid construction worker. She was livid! She had been chasing the dog down to save him and was late for work because of his irresponsibility. She called him on his cell again (which was on the collar) and said that she had his dog in the park area. She told him how she was scared that the dog was going to run into the street and get hit by a car.  He sauntered on down and saw us and rolled his eyes, just telling us that his dog is fine.  Obviously he had no idea where the poor dog even was, how could he be fine. How could he focus on a giant hole in the ground AND his dog running free next to a highway?  I told her to call the HOA people for the development.

 I started walking to my next job and couldn't get this out of my head, so I texted both of my clients that lived there and got the # for their property manager. It was only 8:15 a.m. and the office didn't open until 9.   I had no choice so I called the police first and tried to get this dog out of harms way. This is endangerment of the life of an animal and a bit of neglect.  Not only is there a leash law, but I highly doubt that it is legal to bring a dog to a job site like this.  Then I waited until 9 and called the property manager to try to get them to put a stop to this. THEY hired the guy, I'm sure they did not want the liability of having a strange dog running around their property that is under construction.  Then my client called the property manager after I did.

I don't know what the outcome was, but I did not see the dog after that.  I hope he was home and safe and not meandering around the city by himself.  It is frightening how irresponsible people can be with their dogs!   It also amazes me that the 10 other workers with him had NOTHING to say to him regarding this.  Just kept their mouths shut and looked down.  When you keep your mouth shut and stare at the ground, nothing will ever change.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

YELP Wars - Kindness Wars - Humanity Questioned

I had a pretty bad experience at the front desk of a particular building for the past 3 days.  I wanted to mention it to the management office of that building, but I wanted to call them directly (not go through the front desk)  I tried to google their phone number, but I could not find it.  What I DID find was a leasing company that works with that building.  They are called TCS Management.  In fact, they were the first to pop up on my Google search when I googled the apartment building.  Common sense says that since they work with that building and leasing, they would have the number to the management office.  I called them.  I was treated like crap.  I wrote a yelp review. The owner sent me a message, again, treating me like crap.  Here is the sequence of events should you be interested.

TCS Management

1.0 star rating

I called this morning to ask if the had a phone number for the management office of apartment building where I do some work.  They rent out properties in that building, so I assumed that they would have the phone number to the management office. (I couldn't find it online and did not want to speak to the front desk)  The first guy that I spoke with told me that he didn't know the number, that they don't work with that building, put me on hold, and then came back to keep repeating that they deal with renting properties and cannot help me.  When I responded, he hung up on me.  Then I called right back to say, "Hey, maybe you shouldn't hang up on people that are just trying to get a phone number of a property that you work with."  The other guy that answered the phone called me "Buddy"   (I am a 35 yr old woman) and basically hung up on me again.  I own my own business and when someone calls me to ask a question, I am completely respectful to them, even if I cannot help them.  These people are awful and rude for no reason.

I get a response from the OWNER almost immediately. This is his reply :
Debbie, I appreciate your quest.  However, we are real estate agency  and brokers. Unfortunately we are not Google.
Your rant is sheepish, you are complaining that you want our staff to work for you to get a phone number for another business and give you a specific individuals number in a company we have no relationship with. Furthermore, when we googled a number for you, you refused to go through that firms switch board or and I quote their  front desk. 
Welcome to Earth.
Wow! This was from the OWNER OF THE BUSINESS!   His one employee hung up on me for asking for a phone number that I assumed they had.  Then when I called back to say, "Hey, I just called to ask you some help.  There is no need to hang up on me when I am just asking if you have a phone number." , his other employee says, "Yeah, we're a leasing office.  Good luck with that Buddy!"   Treated me like I was a lunatic calling to ask them why the sky was blue!  No apology, nothing.  Owner of the business ALSO treated me like shit for asking if they had a phone number to a building that they work with.  
My final reply was this:
Once again,  your professionalism is just outstanding.  I wasn't asking you to be Google, I was asking you for a phone number of a building that you do business with.  If you can't help me,  you say, "I'm sorry, we cannot help you. " As a professional business, you do not hang up on a person who is not being rude and you do not call them "buddy". Way to go,  you are even more awful than I originally thought.

Here is my point.  If someone that worked for me treated someone like that, I would apologize profusely! Publicly! What has become of people that they can't just treat other humans with respect?  This is a disgrace and I can only say that if you are thinking about using these people, think again. They don't deserve the business if the owner himself cannot treat a person with the same respect and dignity that he would expect. 

Update***  Later in the evening he went on my business page and gave me a 1 star review (although he has never done business with me, or even had a conversation with me about my business)  I reported him and blocked him.  THEN he goes BACK on Yelp and under my review writes "Likewise". An hour later he erases that and writes, "Just remove your post and I will follow suit. If you do not, I will act accordingly..."  Then a short while after that he erases it.  Can we say toddler tantrum??  Honestly, all he had to respond with either privately or publicly was, "I'm sorry that my employee hung up on you and treated you like that for asking a question. That is unacceptable."  Instead he tells me that they are not google and "welcome to earth."  He will not win with the threats, toddlers cannot always have their way.