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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Early morning walk down 2nd st to animals and I was walking behind a family. Mom, dad, kid in a stroller, and a dog.  I wasn't paying much attention until I saw the adorableness that was happening in front of me! 
You can't see it very well, but this was the scenario.  Mom on the left pushing stroller.  Dad on the right with the dog leash in his right hand and his kid holding onto his left hand by his pinky finger.  It was just such a sweet scene.  I had to post about it.  I didn't want to be intrusive and take a picture that was closer.

Oh!  And update on the cat who gave me the war wounds before.  Let me just say God bless compounding pharmacies!  They made her prozac into chewy treats using Pounce and they are a miracle.  This cat was impossible to pill and this weekend just ate the treat pill with no issues whatsoever!  I was shocked and happy and joyous and elated.... you get the point. Definitely worth the extra money to get these if it alleviates stress in the household.
I literally felt like I was cooking outside today!  I'm on shower # 2, I'm sure there will be a #3 after my pm visits.  It's so difficult in this heat because it takes my appetite away, but I still have to expend just as much energy as usual.  This results in forcing food into my system whether I want to or not.  16 visits today felt like 32.

So, over this very hectic holiday weekend I had some surprises and alot of love :)

This is Bingo:
He LOVES to hug and cuddle.  If you sit on the bed he will come up behind you, wrap his arms around your neck, and rub his head on you.  If you lay on your side, he curls up in your armpit nook and rolls on his back for belly rubs :) He also likes to fight with himself in the mirror which is why it is covered in newspaper.

I had an overnight (2 nights) this weekend with a Rufus :
Many times owners will say that their dog will want to cuddle with you while you sleep.  That is not always the case once a stranger is sleeping on their couch.  In this case, it was true.  This dog LOVES to cuddle!  He was on my pillow, under my pillow, under my blanket spooning me, in-between my legs resting his head on my foot, and waited until "I" woke up to go outside and pee.  What a wonderful dog!!  The next day his cousin Sherman came to stay for the night.
They were 2 happy dog cousins acting like 2 happy kid cousins!  Barking, running around, playing, wrestling.  If they could talk, they would have been saying, "Yay!!! Sleepover with my friend!!!"  I was scared that I wouldn't get any sleep, but they both calmed down and joined me on the couch to sleep.  Oddly enough, I already knew Sherman from my old job and had no idea his owner was related to Rufus's mom who was referred to me by another dog mom.  Once again, very small city.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Holy shit.  This Memorial Day weekend is OVER! I can breathe!  I'm so happy and grateful for all of my clients and the business that they give me, however this weekend I definitely overbooked. 

Saturday: 31 visits + an overnight
Sunday: 42 visits + an overnight
Monday: 25 visits

I'm wiped out!  The animals were amazing, the owners were amazing, my strength and ability to persevere in 90 degree humidity was amazing.  I have many stories and pictures, they will just have to wait until I relax  bit. :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

IT IS SO HOT!!!! My frozen water bottles are not staying frozen! :( This weekend is going to be a bitch! Still getting requests for service, I am having to refer out!  I can't believe Memorial Day weekend is as busy as Christmas!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

SO, this afternoon I ventured out to 25th and Locust to meet a new client.  I don't usually take clients that far away, but I decided to meet him (plus I have an associate who lives over there that can cover for me if it's too much)  So I take the bus on Walnut at rush hour.  I finally find the building that I didn't even know existed. Really nice loft apartments, nice lobby, etc.  I end up 15 min early because that's just what I do.  I wait, I call, I wait, my potential client still isn't home.  The front desk guy calls and we get to speak.  He is running late at work.  Sigh...  There is nothing I can do, I am already there.  I can't get mad because he is just so nice!  So I go to sit back down in the lobby and the front desk guy says, "Would you like to use our TV room?"  Whaaaaa??!! Um, Yeah!!  I said, "Why didn't you tell me about this room 25 min ago?"  He leads me back to this living room/library/dining area on the first floor of the building.  Big comfy couch, 2 big chairs, HUGE TV, cable, and vacant!  Needless to say, my new client found me laying on the couch watching Big Bang Theory on demand.  I don't know what it said about first impressions, but I was very happy!

I can't believe I did this to myself again! For the next 4 days I have 30+ visits per day.  Oy. There are no words. I will get through it.  I will, I have no choice.

I have to show these pics of Horatio from today, because it was just too cute for words.  We came back from our walk and he was hot, but wanting to cuddle.  After our doggie love fest, he decided to lay down... here...

Well, it's only 10 am and my morning has been eventful!  Not only is it disgustingly muggy out, but it may rain and make it muggier.  Hmm... Muggier is a great word.  Anyway, I'm sweating like a piggie after only 4 cat visits. 

Visit one was HOT - no air units put in yet (hopefully the landlord will come in and install them)  I had to bring a new litter scoop because I broke hers yesterday.  Next stop was a highrise with many elderly folks as residents.  As soon as I get there, an ambulance pulls up.  Sigh, one of those mornings :( Hoping the person is ok, whoever they are. Lucky I got good hugs from one of the cats who came up behind me as I was on the bed and wrapped his arms around my neck.  What a sweetie!

My next stop was a normal everyday fluid stop.  I got in the front door, and the next door well... the key went in and opened it, but the key wouldn't come out.  I sat there for nearly 5 min trying to get this key out.  It wouldn't budge!! I left it, went upstairs to do my thing, (come in to find vomit and diarrhea), go back downstairs and the key pops right out!! Arghh!!!!

Next I am walking down South St which is usually quite pleasant in the morning, as it is empty.  I walk past a (dad? grandpa?) trashy man with 2 small kids in a stroller.  He starts yelling at them, "Hey! Put your shirt back on!!" The little girl goes, "But I want to be naked!!" He replies with , "NO! You are a little girl, NOT an animal!  Cut it out! Put your shirt back on!!!" She starts crying... ugh.  It's hard to know what to feel.  Innocent kid doesn't understand the concept of clothes.  Angry parental figure.  Extreme humidity.  I understand wanting to wear as little as possible.

On the up side, the little boy kitten is going to his new home this morning! :) 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well it was hot today and it's only getting hotter.  This weekend is so busy and it's supposed to be 90 degrees and humid. Excellent! I will be like a sweaty Zombie.  I bought some gatorade tonight in preparation.  I had to walk an English Bulldog today, poor kid was so hot when we got home.  Balls on tile.... sweet relief

It's not only rough on the animals, but rough on the pet sitter when you don't put your air on.  I'm hot already, and then I come into apartments and sweat even more (which btw is like glue for cat hair)  I understand some people do not like it as cool as I do, but for the pet's sake, leave the air running please.

I met another pet sitter today walking a VERY handsome dog around the corner from me.  Really nice guy, also independent, and takes dogs into his house (great reference!)  It's tough when you meet the competition and like them.  Part of you goes=, "OOoooo you're the competition!!! But I like you! I shouldn't like you! But I do!!" Mixed emotions, but I did like him very much.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of clipping many kitten nails at a clients house.  Many fuzzy babies crawling and playing and sleeping on you :)  A delight.  Oh and they will all need homes in a month

Monday, May 21, 2012

I am trying to mentally prepare for this weekend.  I don't know, it will be a crazy one!  I keep getting requests and I can't say no! :(

Earlier today I walked Rocko.  He is a happy, chubby beagle who had disc surgery a little over a year ago.  He gets around much better now, but is still pretty stiff in the hind end.  We started out slinging him to walk and carrying him up and down the stairs. Now he runs down the street (especially for pizza crust)!  He lives in the first floor apartment.  The 2nd floor neighbor tends to open his door to let his very large cats roam the stairwell.  I'm always scared they will run out the front door, but they never do.  They used to fear Rocko, now they just stare at him.  It's nice that they all coexist like that.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

SO, getting to the point.  My last visit yesterday, my 16th visit, the last thing before sweet freedom.... I ran into a problem.  It was a last minute job and was to give a pill to a cat for his heart.  It was at a high rise apt. building close by and I have been sitting there for years.  I know the one front desk guy well, the others kind of know me, but never give me a problem.  This guy that was there last night gave me a problem.  He didn't know who I was.  He couldn't find a permission slip for me in "the book." He didn't care that I had the key.  I offered to call the owner on her cell phone.  He said that did him no good.  He didn't know who she was or her voice.  So I'm waiting.... and waiting.  He says he has to call security to see what they say.  They will either give me the ok or escort me up. He calls them on the walkie talkie. Then the phone.  Then the walkie again.... I'm trying to patient and nice (he is just doing his job), however it's 8:30 on a Saturday night and my 16th visit of the day (believe me, I looked worn out).  I gave him the owners name, the apartment number, the name or the full time front desk guy who knows me,  the key, it did nothing.  I held up all of my keys!!

You think I'm faking my job with these?? Really?? So the security guy comes and looks annoyed.  The front desk guy explains "the situation" and the security guy says, "Well do you have a key?"  I hold them all up yet again and he says, "Ok, go on up." Ugh,  it seriously took that to get the ok.  So as soon as I get on the elevator, my front desk friend from ANOTHER high rise gets on with me (he lives there) and I said, "Ugh! What timing! If you had been here 5 minutes earlier you could have vouched for who I was!"  So frustrating!! But I did get a pic of a nice view upstairs.

Yesterday was just a crazy day in this city. I saw festivals, block parties, a broken down double decker tourist bus, traffic out the wazoo! I can't wait to sleep tonight.
There is a slew (yes a slew) of new cats that I am watching this week/weekend.  They are all wonderful!!  Here are 2 that I find odd:
Now, if you know cats, you know that all white cats and calico's are 2 that are usually very "diva-esque" and not very nice.  These girls are the complete opposite!  So sweet, so loving, so huggable!! It is a relief, especially when dealing with spiral steps.  I used to have a mean cat that I watched who always tried to trap me on a spiral staircase by waiting and swatting at my feet on the way down.

The next is a house of 3 - 2 adults and a baby.  They all have very expressive eyes and follow me around to see what I'm doing.

 These guys all use 1 litterbox!  Even when they had multiple boxes, they all just used one at a time! Needless to say, I am impressed and baffled.  I love quirky cat families, as if they all discussed what they were going to do, agreed upon it, and went for it.  If only that could happen in my house, and if only they could all toilet train themselves.... I'd save a fortune!

16 visits yesterday.  14 visits today.  This isn't even the holiday weekend!  I'm not complaining about the business, believe me I love it.  I am just exhausted!  Yesterday was made crazier by trying to fit in the Italian Market Festival and the Antique Market.  Today I was smart and left the house at 7am and worked for 3 hours getting almost everything done for my morning visits.  Let's see... yesterday was hot hot hot and I was walking walking walking.  I had a Wayne's World moment on Rodman with a bunch of kids playing street hockey. Just as I was passing by them, the boy yells, "CAARRRRR!!!", the kids all move, then he yells AT the car, "SLOW DOWN!!"  I laughed to myself. "Game on! Game on..."

In the evening I had 2 diabetic cat visits.  I went to the first one and it was a nightmare.  The older, healthier, fatter cat was beating up on the old skinny diabetic cat (and hissing at me the whole time too!) That put my old man in such a mood that he wasn't eating right away and kept wanting to hide in a corner, meanwhile I had to give him a pill, a shot, and lactulose. He was then angry and hissing too! Poor kid.  I don't know what her problem was!
Oscar - the picked upon

The next diabetic house was a nightmare too! From the heat on me and the condensation on the bottle of insulin, the bottle flew out of my had as I was rolling it to warm it up and broke on the kitchen floor! UGH!!! :( I was so upset.  There was some of the bottle that I salvaged, but still, I NEVER do that!  I called and they were very understanding.  I was beating myself up for hours about it, still am. 

Harrison - the cat lucky enough to be out of the way of flying insulin bottles


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Physically and Mentally it has been a rough week.  Call it PMS, it what you want. I cried at Glee 2 days in a row.  I have been VERY interested in chocolate and watched 5 episodes of My So Called Life.  That usually only means one thing.  Add that in with all the animals and I just want to shut myself in a room.  It was like the calm before the storm.  Memorial Day weekend is going to be extremely busy and every time I wonder, "how can I get this all done?" I always do, but I worry unnecessarily before every holiday event.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock Star Cat Putter In Carrier Person! That's me! :)

I had a crappy day yesterday - still having the horrible stomach due to the PCOS (thank you hormones!) and while severly lacking electrolytes, I walked around most of the day.  It was HOT!  At least for me it was hot. 

My afternoon visits consisted of walking 2 crazy dogs, meeting a new client, dropping off a stool sample, meeting another new client (who lives 20 ft. from Auntie Anne's on South St. and from her door you can smell the deliciousness), then giving insulin to a cat, and finally feeding the last 2 cats.  Walking home I was so hot and dizzy I actually used a popscicle in it's wrapper as an ice pack for my neck.  Wasted food but kept me kinda cool. 

I made it home, took a cold shower, ate dinner, and was near passing out when I got a frantic call that they could not get the mom cat (of the 3 babies) into a carrier.  2 clients of mine, 2 carriers, 1 hours worth of work apparently with no luck.  Honestly, the LAST thing that I wanted to do was leave the house again, but they offered to pick me up and take me back, and of course I had to help.  I love these ladies and this cat NEEDS to be spayed.  So I walk to the car in my brightly colored frog boxers and blue tank top (complete with cat drool) and we head over to the beast. 

The cat has no scruff, so it was difficult to get her up, however I was at the house for less than 5 minutes and got her into the carrier.  Not to toot my own horn or anything.... but after a shitty day it felt good to be useful :)

The source of all the trouble

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainy Days:

PRO:  I don't have to water anyone's flowers (including my own)
There are less people on the street to maneuver around
I get to wear my awesome rain boots
CON:  Everything smells like wet dog (including me)
 Too many people on the bus
Trying to unlock a door with a dog in one hand and an umbrella in the other (multitaskapus)
I HAVE to wear my awesome rain boots even though it's humid and gross

Monday, May 14, 2012

I would like to say that EVERY time I stepped outside today it would start to rain.  Whenever I was inside it stopped.  Not to be annoying, but I HATE walking behind people, especially when it's raining.  I walk fast as it is.  I am always in a hurry.  When you saunter and talk and take pictures of front doors with your family (true story), you tend to not be aware of the OTHER PEOPLE ON THE STREET WHO NEED TO GET BY! I'm constantly squeezing between the unaware, saying excuse me, asking if I can squeeze by... it's infuriating after a while!

I was walking down South at 11th st and there was a perfect looking girl jogging.  Skintight  coordinated outfit, perfect hair/makeup, no sweating... it was nauseating really.  An older lady walked by me and commented, "There is always a show-off"  Read my mind! :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The baby kittens are growing up fast and sprouting their personalities!
Crazy lady laying on the ground!!!  For some reason the 700 block of 5th st always provides a show.  Yesterday I was walking over to a cats house on the phone with a potential new client and I see a woman (homeless? mentally off?) laying in almost a fetal position on the corner of 5th and Fitzwater.  I watched people stop and ask if she needed help.  She replied my yelling at them until they went away.  She must have yelled at about 6 or 7 people trying to help.

I was going to call 911 as soon as I got off the phone when I ran into a client coming out of her house already poised to call.  Apparently we were not the first to call about this woman yesterday.  We parted ways, I went in to feed the cats, came back out and she was still lying there.  I saw a Fire Dept. ambulance with sirens coming down Passyunk, but not headed to her.  They were driving slowly, seeming confused, and then they stopped at 5th and Bainbridge.  I walked up to the drivers side window and said, "Are you by any chance looking for the woman laying on the ground?"  They said that they were, to which I replied, "Yeah... she is at 5th and Fitzwater." Way to go 911 and Fire Department for sending these people to the right place.  Ugh.  They are appreciative and when they made their turn down Bainbridge I got a thumbs up and a wave from the passenger.  Definitely curious to know what happened with that...

Two summers ago was in the same spot headed to walk a dog when I passed by a kid about 17 yrs old or so who had his girlfriend by the throat up against a car and her friend was standing next to them lightly protesting.  Being the type of nosy protective person that I am, I go right up to them without thinking and start screaming at him, "What the hell are you doing??!  Get off of her!!"  He gets startled, lets go, and then starts trying to get in my face and intimidate me.  Never laid a hand on me, but he had some choice words.  Her friend thanked me for helping, I asked her why she did nothing.  Ugh.  They all took off screaming at each other down the street and I called the police.  This kid needed a kick in the ass. When I told the 911 operator what had happened, his response was a very calm (stoned?), "Aw.. he shouldn't be doin stuff like that.."  Yes Capitan Obvious, that is why I called 911!!!  I gave them a description to a T of the 3 of them and where they were headed.  The cops show up 15 min later at MY location.  Way to go!  You are supposed to be finding them!  They said this was where the call came from, and I said it was, but I gave the dispatcher the descriptions and the direction they were headed in!  Kid probably never got caught and is choking someone daily.  The system sucks.

On a lighter note, I spent the night with 2 fuzzy kids who were enjoying watching Bravo with me this morning :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yesterday morning was INSANITY! From 8:30-11 I was at a total of 2 houses!!  The first visit was for a cat and a dog.  The dog and I went for a walk and when we came back in, I went to give the cat food.  It was untouched.  I looked in his usual spots and didn't see him.  I went upstairs to check the litter, also untouched.  Very strange!  So I call him and look around... nothing.  I text his owner and ask if the cat is there.  He said that he should be... he should turn up.  I look all over, open every door, look under every bed and dresser... nothing!  After about an hour I was about to leave. I went downstairs and asked the dog, "Where is your brother??" I thought I would peek in the garage just to cover every room.  I didn't see or hear anything, but the dog would not let me close the door.  I went in for a closer look and found the cat sitting in a cardboard box full of stuff looking lost!  I pick him up out the box, the dog rejoices, I carry him upstairs to his food and I go to leave.  He is being very vocal (uncharacteristic for him) for I go back upstairs and he is all over me (also very uncharacteristic!)  I have NEVER seen a cat look and act SO grateful in my life.  He was purring and kneading and rubbing his head all over me.  Such a sweet moment! These are pics post garage :)

lovin up my hand

reunited with her BFF to play!      
NEXT I went to check on the mom cat since I took the kittens to my house - oh what a surprise.  I went in thinking that the room would be destroyed or she broke the window to escape.  Nope, she pulled the grate off of the floor and went down into the air conditioning duct! UGH!!! So I put a bowl of food out and go downstairs.

  I can't find her anywhere, nor do I hear her.  I call the air conditioning guy who was referred to me by the owner of this house.  He said just to wait, they usually come out.  So I wait, I feed all of the other cats, clean the room, clean the litter, etc...  then I call my client back and update her.  We are talking for about 15 min in the cats room and I feel like I am going to have to move in to her house until the situation is rectified.  I have never had to find a cat in the walls before!  So I look pics of the progression of the morning:

I see a head poking out...

I get a little closer
she comes out and I shoo her in the cage to cover the vent.

Moral of the story is from 8:30-11 am I was panicking and searching for cats who were all found.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Started watching a new cat named Finnegan.  He is extremely handsome, slightly overweight, and seems to only like his dads ;(  He is so huggable but won't let me handle him much.  He gets very vocal, soft to loud, stares directly at me...  I will give him time.  Hoping to befriend him.  Hoping he doesn't spill all of his food on the floor again either!
Amazing how it landed DIRECTLY in front of his food bowl!

Yesterday I started watching a pair of lady cats who I haven't seen in quite a while.  The only thing that changed is that one of them gets transdermal prozac (which goes on the ear) once daily.  Their owner provided gloves for this, and thinking that I was crafty I only gloved the one hand that I was using to apply the medication.  While putting the cap back on the syringe with my un-gloved hand, I got the medicine on my finger!  Completely freaked out (cause it's transdermal) I washed my hands immediately!!  It was a little I was then fixated.  Literally gave myself a panic attack because I'm such a hypochondriac.  From now on, I will use two gloves.
For about 10 days I have been torturing a cat twice a day with medication on Broad St.  This poor cat hates both pills and liquid.  Unfortunately she must take both right now.  I have chased her around the apartment, reached under couches for her, got cat drool mixed with medication all over me (including my mouth, ew) She is doing quite well, however it was always a project to give her anything orally.  Her parents came back yesterday, I hope they can handle it from here on out.  What figures is that yesterday morning I HAD to cross Broad st. to get to her apartment and the broad street run was in full force! Ugh!  Had to go underground to cross the street through the Braod St. Line. What a pain!!

I can't  believe how long it's been since I have written anything.  My schedule has been crazy 12+ visits a day.  I'll start off with a good story.  There once was a cat named Clara who had a sister named Bella.  Clara had all kinds of medical problems, while Bella did not.  They were both getting up in years and oddly Bella passed first.  Clara had since been queen of the castle and it looked like it was going to stay that way because she was not so welcoming of other furry company.  I was looking to rehome a friends cat for a variety of reasons and Clara's mom saw this new cats face and decided to give it a try.  Now she has a bigger (but younger) brother.  It seems he likes to mount her on occasion (which she is not a fan of) but other than that they seem to exist quite well together.  He lets her eat first after she takes her meds in the morning (such a gentleman!) and gives her space when she walks away.  He LOVES to cuddle with people and seems so happy in his new place!

Big brother pose

Biggy watching TV

Clara in "her" chair

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The morning started out rainy and muggy. Managing to peel myself out of bed to walk to the bus was tough.  The bus wasn't coming.  This is the time where I toy with the notion of walking or waiting.  Considering my never ending impatience, walking usually wins. Today I walked, then waited, then walked, then waited.... made it 3 blocks before I saw the bus coming down Lombard.  I got on and it was PACKED.  Apparently lazy was the theme of the morning.  I sat in the back and was in awe that each stop had about 5+ people waiting.

 It was a quiet ride until an elderly woman got on at 11th St.  When I say elderly, I mean older.  She was not disabled,  she was completely mobile, and she had a mouth on her!  She started immediately yelling at a younger guy (on a packed bus) for sitting up front.  All I heard was , "It says these seats are for the ELDERLY!  CAN'T YOU READ??!!"  He was spooked, as we all were, and immediately offered his seat.  She yells, "NO!" and walks to the back cursing him under her breath and sits next to me.  This is all before 9 am.

I run around all day and literally it turned into a sunny summer day out of nowhere!  I was ill prepared.  No sunglasses, no cold beverages, still had a long sleeved shirt...  This weather is making me nuts.  I did however meet the cutest 10 week old shih tzu puppy named Sushi around the corner from my house who was very interested in my toes!  That face made me melt.

Kittens are eating more and more on their own, yay!  Hopefully they can all find great homes (hint hint)

Enjoying Breakfast

Sleep Huddle