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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yesterday morning was INSANITY! From 8:30-11 I was at a total of 2 houses!!  The first visit was for a cat and a dog.  The dog and I went for a walk and when we came back in, I went to give the cat food.  It was untouched.  I looked in his usual spots and didn't see him.  I went upstairs to check the litter, also untouched.  Very strange!  So I call him and look around... nothing.  I text his owner and ask if the cat is there.  He said that he should be... he should turn up.  I look all over, open every door, look under every bed and dresser... nothing!  After about an hour I was about to leave. I went downstairs and asked the dog, "Where is your brother??" I thought I would peek in the garage just to cover every room.  I didn't see or hear anything, but the dog would not let me close the door.  I went in for a closer look and found the cat sitting in a cardboard box full of stuff looking lost!  I pick him up out the box, the dog rejoices, I carry him upstairs to his food and I go to leave.  He is being very vocal (uncharacteristic for him) for I go back upstairs and he is all over me (also very uncharacteristic!)  I have NEVER seen a cat look and act SO grateful in my life.  He was purring and kneading and rubbing his head all over me.  Such a sweet moment! These are pics post garage :)

lovin up my hand

reunited with her BFF to play!      
NEXT I went to check on the mom cat since I took the kittens to my house - oh what a surprise.  I went in thinking that the room would be destroyed or she broke the window to escape.  Nope, she pulled the grate off of the floor and went down into the air conditioning duct! UGH!!! So I put a bowl of food out and go downstairs.

  I can't find her anywhere, nor do I hear her.  I call the air conditioning guy who was referred to me by the owner of this house.  He said just to wait, they usually come out.  So I wait, I feed all of the other cats, clean the room, clean the litter, etc...  then I call my client back and update her.  We are talking for about 15 min in the cats room and I feel like I am going to have to move in to her house until the situation is rectified.  I have never had to find a cat in the walls before!  So I look pics of the progression of the morning:

I see a head poking out...

I get a little closer
she comes out and I shoo her in the cage to cover the vent.

Moral of the story is from 8:30-11 am I was panicking and searching for cats who were all found.


  1. that a lot of feline anxiety to start one day!

  2. I would have DIED! especially the one in the vent! Awesome job finding everyone! :}