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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock Star Cat Putter In Carrier Person! That's me! :)

I had a crappy day yesterday - still having the horrible stomach due to the PCOS (thank you hormones!) and while severly lacking electrolytes, I walked around most of the day.  It was HOT!  At least for me it was hot. 

My afternoon visits consisted of walking 2 crazy dogs, meeting a new client, dropping off a stool sample, meeting another new client (who lives 20 ft. from Auntie Anne's on South St. and from her door you can smell the deliciousness), then giving insulin to a cat, and finally feeding the last 2 cats.  Walking home I was so hot and dizzy I actually used a popscicle in it's wrapper as an ice pack for my neck.  Wasted food but kept me kinda cool. 

I made it home, took a cold shower, ate dinner, and was near passing out when I got a frantic call that they could not get the mom cat (of the 3 babies) into a carrier.  2 clients of mine, 2 carriers, 1 hours worth of work apparently with no luck.  Honestly, the LAST thing that I wanted to do was leave the house again, but they offered to pick me up and take me back, and of course I had to help.  I love these ladies and this cat NEEDS to be spayed.  So I walk to the car in my brightly colored frog boxers and blue tank top (complete with cat drool) and we head over to the beast. 

The cat has no scruff, so it was difficult to get her up, however I was at the house for less than 5 minutes and got her into the carrier.  Not to toot my own horn or anything.... but after a shitty day it felt good to be useful :)

The source of all the trouble

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