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Sunday, May 20, 2012

16 visits yesterday.  14 visits today.  This isn't even the holiday weekend!  I'm not complaining about the business, believe me I love it.  I am just exhausted!  Yesterday was made crazier by trying to fit in the Italian Market Festival and the Antique Market.  Today I was smart and left the house at 7am and worked for 3 hours getting almost everything done for my morning visits.  Let's see... yesterday was hot hot hot and I was walking walking walking.  I had a Wayne's World moment on Rodman with a bunch of kids playing street hockey. Just as I was passing by them, the boy yells, "CAARRRRR!!!", the kids all move, then he yells AT the car, "SLOW DOWN!!"  I laughed to myself. "Game on! Game on..."

In the evening I had 2 diabetic cat visits.  I went to the first one and it was a nightmare.  The older, healthier, fatter cat was beating up on the old skinny diabetic cat (and hissing at me the whole time too!) That put my old man in such a mood that he wasn't eating right away and kept wanting to hide in a corner, meanwhile I had to give him a pill, a shot, and lactulose. He was then angry and hissing too! Poor kid.  I don't know what her problem was!
Oscar - the picked upon

The next diabetic house was a nightmare too! From the heat on me and the condensation on the bottle of insulin, the bottle flew out of my had as I was rolling it to warm it up and broke on the kitchen floor! UGH!!! :( I was so upset.  There was some of the bottle that I salvaged, but still, I NEVER do that!  I called and they were very understanding.  I was beating myself up for hours about it, still am. 

Harrison - the cat lucky enough to be out of the way of flying insulin bottles


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