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Sunday, May 20, 2012

There is a slew (yes a slew) of new cats that I am watching this week/weekend.  They are all wonderful!!  Here are 2 that I find odd:
Now, if you know cats, you know that all white cats and calico's are 2 that are usually very "diva-esque" and not very nice.  These girls are the complete opposite!  So sweet, so loving, so huggable!! It is a relief, especially when dealing with spiral steps.  I used to have a mean cat that I watched who always tried to trap me on a spiral staircase by waiting and swatting at my feet on the way down.

The next is a house of 3 - 2 adults and a baby.  They all have very expressive eyes and follow me around to see what I'm doing.

 These guys all use 1 litterbox!  Even when they had multiple boxes, they all just used one at a time! Needless to say, I am impressed and baffled.  I love quirky cat families, as if they all discussed what they were going to do, agreed upon it, and went for it.  If only that could happen in my house, and if only they could all toilet train themselves.... I'd save a fortune!

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