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Monday, November 12, 2012

So Saturday I had to go to Society Hill Towers.  The West Tower to get a key, and then the North Tower to feed cats.  I arrive at the North Tower and see this, a fire truck.  Awesome.

I go in, find out that they have not given the all clear yet, so the elevators are out.  My client lives on the 18th floor.  So I wait.  I wait with all of the older folks in the lobby for security to tell us we can go back upstairs.  First there was one older couple who were sitting and talking. They got a call on their cell from a friend in the building (Frank) who was watching them from his apartment on the monitor channel.  They were waiving at the camera getting a kick out of it.  Then another couple showed up, they were friends with the first ones.  Same phone call, waiving at Frank again, etc...

It was taking longer and longer, so I asked security of I could walk up.  He asked what floor.  I said, "Eighteen..."  He said, "Are you sure?"   I have no patience to wait, so I said I was.  I began my journey up to the 18th floor on foot.  It took less time than I thought, however I was panting, cursing, and out of breath by the time I got up there.  I sat down at the top, and no sooner heard the announcement over the loud speaker that it was a faulty smoke head and we have the all clear for the elevators. Fuuucckk!

Well, at least I know if I have to walk up for the 18th floor, I can. Good cardio, good sweat.  Those dace classes are playing off.

Bitch of Bella Vista struck again!  This woman infuriates me!  So we had a lovely dinner last night and post dinner I had a dog walk.  We also had to stop by 7-11, so we grabbed the dog and walked him all the way over to 11th and Washington.  It was a Sunday at about 8:30 ish... I'm shocked at what I saw while walking.  I thought I would show Mike the street where the bitch lived and where the dog pooped.  (Nothing like a walking tour of bathroom habits)  Mind you, I was walking a different dog last night.  We head down the street, I point out the poop spot (unanimously declared city property) and the house that she lived in.  I elaborately told the story. 

He is starting to believe me because the last time we walked this dog together, ANOTHER bitchy woman came out of her house with her husband and kids following giving me a hard time about the dog peeing on the tree in front of her house.  She claims that she is going to put a sign out there.  There were no plants, no shrubs, no gnomes... just a tree and dirt within the sidewalk.  Once again I had to explain that "It's a dog, they pee on trees..."  That never goes over well with animal haters.  I will pose this challenge to them.  Try to move a 90+ lb dog in mid stream/poop because the people who live across the street have a problem with it.  It is not only rude to the dog, but it cannot be done easily.  Next time I will use the human analogy.  If you finally found a toilet and REALLY had to go, even started going, and someone pulled you off of it saying, "No!  Not this toilet!  Find another one!" you would be quite upset and possibly get a bladder infection. 

I digress... so we go to our errand.  This dog and I are waiting on the corner for Mike to come out of the store.  He is sitting nicely, listening to my every word, and I look up to see a (hooker?) walking with a young kid.  She is wearing slip on sandals with socks, black capri tights that have sheer wavy parts all the way up to the hip, black lace bra, tiny tank top shredded in the back, and a big bag.  She is stumbling through the CVS parking lot laughing, holding on to this kids arm so as not to fall.  Oy. A mess. 

We start to head back to the dogs house, via The Bitch's street.  I wasn't thinking anything of it, until we passed her house and I heard a door open when we got about 10 ft away.  Instinctively I turned around and saw her hanging out her door watching us!  I assume it was to see if the dog would poop, which he didn't. (Damn!)  She hung out there, literally, and watched us the whole way down the street!  She did not go back inside until we turned the corner onto 10th st!  Really?? Nothing better to do at 8:30 on a Sunday night but protect your street from dog feces???