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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The perfect day for dog walking! Sunny, warm, breezy... in February.....  I'm not complaining, I'm going with it. :)  People are in good spirits, dogs are happy, it's quite a change for Philadelphia.  The only interesting thing to account for today is running into an old co-worker/friend and her daughter (3 yrs old I think?)  I had a HUGE dog with me, and when we told her to say hi, she yelled "WOOF!!!" Super cute.  Then she asked if I was Miss Finch.... my friend said no of course, and then explained that it was something from Sesame Street.  "Miss Finch from Follow that Bird?!" I replied.  I don't know if I should take it as a compliment or not, but it was definitely a first :)

I also discovered from talking to a client about his condo association meetings, that I want to be a fly on that wall!  Well, a fly who can speak and argue points.... but  a fly nonetheless.  I picture them like town meetings from Gilmore Girls.  Small, tight knit crowd, fighting over things that are so menial, while ignoring more important problems.  I feel I am missing out on this, being a homeowner.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh a lovely morning.  My first visit was to my favorite 16 yr old, 3 legged cat with cancer and kidney failure.  I give him subcutaneous fluids (under the skin) twice a week now.  He is orange, so he has always been feisty.  The first few times I went, all was well, until he realized why I was there.  Then I picked him up to hug him, and he peed on me.  (a cat's way of retaliation) Of course my next stop was to Wills Eye Hospital where my mother was going to have a procedure done, so I saunter into the waiting room PRAYING I don't smell like cat pee. 

Weeks have gone by, and every time I came over, this cat would either pee on me or his mom.  I have that kind of effect now....  In the past 5 days or so the poor guy has declined quite a bit.  He is now getting fluids twice a week and losing weight.  What was once a cat who ran at the sound of my voice, now sits on the couch, lacking the energy to flee.  Today I come in and he is not facing me, but hears me.  He proceeds to pee ON the couch where he is laying just to prove my point.  This cat does NOT like receiving fluids.  Poor cat, poor mom (who had to clean it), poor me (hurt feelings!), and poor couch!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 5067

Well, here we are.  I have been told my family, clients, and friends that I should definitely start a blog that depicts the craziness that occurs on a daily basis while pet sitting.  I always thought it was a good idea, considering you can't make up shit like this. 

To start off, I spend my days walking dogs, feeding cats, walking all over Philadelphia, taking buses, and running into mayhem while getting puppy licks.  It's pretty great, and has been a welcomed change from my previous job as a vet tech/receptionist/psychiatrist/babysitter/mediator at a local animal hospital.  Those days are done, the future is bright with sweet pets (usually) and sweet owners (hopefully).