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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Asshole Neighbors

I'm cat sitting for a client/friend that lives around the corner from me.  I went over to do my cat stuff tonight, and come in to a note on the door from her upstairs neighbor. This is what it said:

"Please clean cat up. Hall way smells terrible. tx    I sent (insert clients name) a note to update as well "

I didn't smell a thing when I came in the front door.  Just the normal hallway smell.
So I'm thinking the litterbox is crazy full - that they had some massive pooping party earlier...  I run over to the litterbox and I find a normal amount of dirtiness for 24 hours

So I think, wow, this guy is an ass.  I clean, I feed, I pet, and I leave.  He comes chasing me out, yelling down the street, "Hey! Are you watching the cats???"  I said yes, and he goes, "What was that smell??!"  I told him that I didn't smell anything at all and that I am cleaning the boxes every day.  He then asks if the litter was still inside, and I said yes, but bagged up.  He said, "Well can you take it outside?"  Um... no? I already locked everything up and have been working for 12 hours.  I have watched these cats dozens of times, I did nothing differently this time.  I told him that tomorrow was trash day, I was planning on taking it out then and that I was not opening up her back door (nor do I ever) because I don't want the cats to try to run out.  He looked disappointed, and wanted to make sure I did it tomorrow.  I will leave this my saying that this man has a dog, a baby, and a toddler.  He can't deal with waiting a day for me to take the dirty bag of litter out??
And such a shithead, passive aggressive note!