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Friday, June 29, 2012

Traffic in this city today was a NIGHTMARE!  I was supposed to go over to Rittenhouse to trim the bad cats nails.  The owner was going to give the sedative and then call me when it kicked in, then reimburse me for my cab ride.  I caught a cab at 6th and Lombard.  I said 19th and Spruce.  This guy was on the phone the WHOLE ride, barely paying attention to his surroundings.  Phone call after phone call, etc... we hit 17th st and Lombard is closed, so we have to detour south on 17th.  So we go south to Fitzwater, then to 18th, then a right.  After a few blocks, 18th st is closed!  So we detour yet again and end up at 16th and Lombard.  In my head, I'm thinking he will go north on 16th st.  NOPE!!  He hangs a left and gets back on Lombard headed towards 17th St!!! Which was where we first had to detour!!!  I keep interrupting him and he keeps telling me, "Don't worry! This traffic, it's not my fault."  I keep repeating how I know the traffic isn't his fault, but it IS his fault that he took me in a complete circle and still wants to keep the meter running!!!  UGH!!  So then he starts explaining how his phone calls were about insurance claims, etc.  Um, that's great, but you still took me in a complete circle in crazy traffic and had us end up back to where we started with the first detour!  He finally realized what he did, cars aren't moving, and I just tell him that I'm giving him $10 and getting out right there.  So in my fit of rage I stomp over to 19th and Spruce all while venting to the poor client on the phone.  My adrenaline and anger got me there in less than 5 minutes!  These cabs will make you crazy!!

99 degrees and dog walking - ugh!  I have to go out for round 2 soon and am dreading it. What is the point in showering if I'm only going to shower again in a few hours?  I don't know if I am just cranky with the heat, but most things were annoying me today.  My morning started off ok, cat visits and such.  Had a gaggle of kittens almost run out their front door in search of food.  Ravenous little monkeys they are!  The one little one needs nose drops, eye ointment, and antibiotics.  He is just crusty and sniffly but eating like a pig!

I then went to my last visit with Shiner.  It didn't seem to matter how often I visited, he still peed and pooped everywhere other than his litterbox :( Thank god for drop cloths.  We spent some quality time together, on occasion had lunch together... I'm going to miss his company.  Judging from how he was with me today, he will miss mine too!
Holding my hand

Guarding my hand

I then caught the bus to old city for more cats.  While waiting for the bus back, I encountered a strange lady. It was extremely hot at this point and perhaps we were all a bit nutty, but this lady was um... well, let's just start here with a pic:

I couldn't get much closer, but the gist of it is this:
She is in her mid to late 60's if not older
Her jeans had rhinestones on the butt
Her shirt was light yellow with a picture of Tinkerbelle
In bold black letter on the shirt it said "Irresistible"

She was pacing back and forth looking for the bus.  In her defense, it was taking FOREVER to come.  I did however see her completely disregard cars that were coming up 4th st to look for the bus and she nearly got hit a few times. 

This bus stop is also right next to a daycare with an outdoor area.  All of the kids and teachers were outside playing at this point, and she saunters over to the gate with her cigarette and watches them intently.  She was trying to get the attention of kids,  dancing with them, wiggling when the teacher said, "Wiggle"..... it was off-putting.  No one said anything to her, not even the teachers.  It made me question the ratio of female predators to male predators though.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So hot again!! These poor dogs on the concrete! I want to give them all sandals.

I met with a new client today who is actually an old neighbor who moved next to an existing client of mine 5 years ago.  She now needs a sitter.  Reuniting with her and the dog and meeting her son who is SUPER cute (and you know I'm not usually a kid person).  This dog and her neighbor dog (my other client) are sworn enemies.  They are both so sweet, it's a shame that when they are in each others presence they wish to fight to the death.

I have another client who is moving from near front st. to the river.  I know it's technically very close, however crossing Delaware ave not only seems like a death trap, but also a huge pain!  I hate to sound like that and vent that going a few extra blocks east is a big deal (it really isn't in theory), but it feels so much further! I tried to make myself nice boundaries in the city, but I continuously exceed those boundaries because I can't say no to business.  Especially when I receive a note with my check that says "Don't leave us! We need you!"  Tug at my heart why don't ya??? :)

 This hole in the screen was made for her deceased dachshund brother who was MUCH smaller.  She seems to be able to fit through when going out, but not when coming back in....

She is a "happy pee-er" so we have to get her out back quickly before belly rubs, otherwise she will dribble all over the couch. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

So sick of people who live in the section 8 projects telling me that I can't walk my dogs on their "lawn".  First of all, when I bring dogs over there (because it's the only grass in the area), I only let them go on the grass in the "inbetween parts" of the houses.  They are not by peoples front doors, they are by the side fences in between the houses or the grass by the parking lot.  This is not considered your "yard".  The fenced in property behind your house is your yard.  Kids do not play on this 6 foot patch of grass with bushes (that the city cares for). You do not stand here, walk here, sun bathe here... basically it is city property.  Don't come out yelling at me "Did your dogs take a shit here??! They better not have!  Kids play here!" Um, it's bullshit. I have lived in this house for 6 years.  I have never seen anyone play there.  What I have seen is garbage, chicken bones, crab claws, whole crab shells, potato chip bags, diapers, and other dog poo.  The difference is that I pick up my dog poo!!!! If you care so much about the cleanliness in this area, pick up the food parts and trash!!  Don't bitch at me for letting a dog walk there when I am cleaning up after them! 

This guy at a BBQ across the street gave me the whole, "This isn't a dog dumping zone! Take them to the park! These are peoples yards!" He wasn't being super mean about it, I'm just sick of hearing it. On this particular walk I had to remove crab shell and chicken wings from the dogs mouths.  That's ok to have in your "yard"? My response was holding up a pink bag of poop that was tied up and stating that I ALWAYS pick up after the dogs.  He backed down, got quiet and apologized.  Ugh!! Maybe more people would respect the property and pick up after THEIR dogs if folks picked up the trash once in a while.  They have a dumpster for personal use in these projects!!!  I'd kill for use of a dumpster!  Use it!!

What a weekend!  I had a houseguest.  Her name is Whoofi Goldberg and she is very old.  I never take dogs here, but when it's a 15 year old dog who can barely walk (or see or hear) and weighs 6 lbs, I agreed.  She has quite a personality!  I built a little apparatus for her, fencing her in to a pen in my office.  She was great, except for night 2 when she woke up barking every two hours the whole night.  I got a taste of what it would be like to have a newborn!  No idea why she was upset, what she needed or wanted... very frustrating!  She just left and went to stay with someone else for a little bit until her mom returns.  The room seems empty without her, but maybe she will be more comfy with another friend to hug her.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What a storm last night!!!  Thank God, we needed it.  It figures that during the time of the storm I had stuff to feed and walk.  3 dogs and a cat.  Mike gave me a ride down to 3rd and Locust during the worst of the rain and wind...and hail..  I had to go to Society Hill Towers.  That whole area is a wind tunnel on a normal day, but during a storm like this, I couldn't even keep the car door open long enough to get out!  Finally on the 3rd try I made it out, shoes off, and ran to the front door of the building.  Storms are quite scary on the 18th floor when you are surrounded by windows.  All I was thinking on the way down was, "Please let the elevator make it all the way down!!"  Made it back to the car a little wet, but in one piece.  There were down trees EVERYWHERE on the way back.

It was still storming at 9:30 when I had to take these 2 kids out.
They took one look at the weather and ran back in.  I had to drag them outside to at least pee and then we ran home.  They got lots of treats and made gremlin sounds while trying to dry off.  Poor kids.

This morning everyone just seemed a bit out of it.  I guess it was the thunder and craziness.  All of my morning dogs were just acting a bit off... but still happy to walk.

Suzie wanted to hide in the bookshelf......

The aftermath outside was crazy!!  This was just within 4 blocks from my house!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I would like to say that I never know what I am getting into when it comes to steps in peoples apartments.  To see this face I have to walk up 60 steps.  (yes I counted)  Then down 60 steps to walk him (which he runs down at lightening speed!).  Then up 60 steps to let him back in, aaannnnd then back down 60 steps to leave.  My ass should be like a rock by now, but sadly it is not. 

Today I started a cat job that is up 2 very long (and very STEEP) flights of steps.  I did not ever count these because I will start to get OCD about it.   I will just say that I am thankful for 1st floor apartments, houses, and cold air conditioning.
As an update, Max is improving.  After much TLC, time, money, trips, medicine, he is eating on his own and becoming more himself.  The whole thing was crazy!  I really thought it was his heart.  We went to the vet on Monday, acupuncture at WAG on Tuesday, and the cardiologist on Wednesday.  His heart looked fine, so we decided to treat as if he had allergies and acid reflux.  After a cerenia injection, he came home and went right over to the food and started eating!  The shock on my face... so happy... but whoa!  I was just force feeding him baby food!  This week was just a gigantic emotional roller coaster for all of us. 

Also this week it has been like walking in the fiery pits of hell.  I am sweating profusely at everyones house, and in the street, and on the bus, and surprisingly in cabs because the drivers are from hot climates and don't feel the need to turn the air on!!!!  I'm a little frustrated with this! 

I'm watching an old man cat who I LOVE while his parents are on their honeymoon.  They said he has "accidents".  When I went in he pooped in 3 spots on the living room rug and then peed ALL OVER the plastic they put down in their dining room.  ALL OVER.   I don't mind cleaning it, I just wasn't expecting quite so much.  Now that i know, I will come over more prepared.  He has such an innocent face and loves to cuddle, I can't get mad. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UGH!!!!  What a weekend!!!  So as some of you know, my Persian kid Max was diagnosed with HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) a few years ago.  He has been on meds and has been stable.  This past week he has been "off", so I took him to the vet on Saturday.  We did chest xrays and started him on Lasix thinking that there was some fluid around the heart.  After 3 days of Lasix, he stopped eating and became more lethargic and uncomfortable.  We went BACK to the vet yesterday and took blood, gave an antibiotic shot and an appetite stimulant.  He still hasn't eaten.  I called Tina at WAG to see if she could do anything with herbs or acupuncture to help him out.  He is going in today for treatment.  He is also seeing the cardiologist  tomorrow afternoon.  I'm worried sick, I'm not sleeping well because I keep waking up to check on him. 

I called for the blood results today and it seems that the Lasix really dehydrated him, so I had to pick up subcutaneous fluids.  He is only 6 lbs, so he can only handle 50 ml at a time.  Plus with a bad heart you can't give too much.  This is so frustrating!!  I have exhausted all of my resources and am so grateful for the help that I have received thus far.  It's so tough to know what you are doing and have colleagues who know what they are doing, and we are all scratching our heads when things aren't working.  Sigh....  my poor little fuzz face.

When I came home last night, this is how I found him

Friday, June 15, 2012

A few things:

I saw a woman/lady in her late 20's/early 30's walking with a little kid yesterday.  Cute little boy, probably 4 years old.  She looked very put together, and as I was admiring her "put-togetherness" I realized that her white tank top said "FUCK FUR" in big, bold red letters.  Now, while I agree with the statement wholeheartedly, I do not agree with wearing the shirt in front of as little boy.  Call me old fashioned.

I took a last minute job with a cat and dog combo who I haven't seen in quite a while.  It's a teeny chihuahua and a cat who hates everyone but mom.  The apartment is on the 4th floor and about a million stairs up.  I always think that I will have an ass of steel by the time she comes back, but i never do.  It also doesn't help that the dog does the stairs 100x faster than I do.

They both seemed thoroughly disappointed that it was me at the door this afternoon and NOT mom.  I thought I would win over their love by giving them wet food.  It kinda worked with the dog, but he ate it within seconds!  We then went for a romp in the park.  He marked everything in sight, chased some squirrels, and we went home.  He threw up most of his wet food before the first flight of steps.  Then the rest of it when we got upstairs.  Sigh.... my plan backfired.  Not only did he eat too fast, he ran around like a crazy man immediately afterwards.  Ugh.

Earlier I went to clip some nails on a brother/sister cat duo.  Keep in mind that I have been doing this for them consistently since they were 8 weeks old.  They are now a year old.  They still make me chase them down.  The bad part was that I came right as the cleaning lady was leaving (who was super sweet!!!)  She had already traumatized them with the vacuum and now I was about to traumatize them with nail trims.  They were BOTH hiding under the bed next to eachother on top of a suitcase. I got the girl first since she was the toughie last time.  Four feet trimmed and she headed for the door.  This time I had to chase the boy who usually comes right to me no matter what! Ugh, back and forth.  Right side of the bed, left side of the bed, over, under, etc... took much longer than expected.  They are lucky I love them so much :)
 These pics were back when they were tiny and gullible :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

2 new bottle feeders - 2 boys, all white, eyes JUST starting to open
My day with them consists of butt washing and feeding, butt washing and feeding, butt washing.....etc... more butt washing

They are lucky they are so stinkin cute! I am feeding them until they are self sufficient and then they are off to another foster, then their permanent home!  It's alot of traveling for 2 teeny kids.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kitten update!!  The 3 foster kittens that I had are doing great in their new homes!!  Of the 3 new owners, only 2 are on facebook, so I have pics of just the 2 boys.  They are getting along quite well with their new older brother and sister!  I'm so happy.

I know I saw this a while ago, but I just had to add this in here.
Most ironic picture ever!  I understand that you don't want dog pee on stuff, but guess what?? It is a city with TONS of dogs.  Dogs that I have been walking past my own house have peed on my recycling bucket and steps.  Do I like it? Of course not, but I accept it.  Rain helps, and bleach, and the thousands of other cleaning products out there.  May I also say that many drunk people also urinate all over this city as well.  I have seen a man pee on the side of a house a block away from me in broad daylight.  So with that, I must tell you to think twice before blaming a dog for pee on your property.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hot! It's so hot again!  I need to eat more to maintain this schedule.  There were SO many things going on in the city today that I kept getting distracted on my way to feedings! Flea Markets, art events, yard sales, farmers markets.  No wonder I'm exhausted!  I took the bus to 25th and Locust for my final visit with the Pippa

Then walked over to chestnut to catch the bus.  Missed the bus and kept walking.  Found myself at a farmers market at Rittenhouse that was actually cheaper than the ones over by me!! Go figure.  I got kale, strawberries, and squash.  Strawberries are gone already. 
I went to visit with guinea pigs and have playtime, plus share my kale and strawberries.  They were delighted!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Friday night thoughts....   I have nicknames for most of the animals I see, especially dogs.  It's their name, only slightly silly.  I don't know why I do it, I just always have.

Fiona = "My Fiona"  (and I sing My Sharona to her on walks if there is no one around)
Jack = Jackers, Jackapus, Jackyl  (I have had many dogs named Jack)
Maggie = Shmaggie
Shana = Shay Shay
Dayja = D Girl
Bella = Shmella Bella
Shane = Shaney
Spike & Tina = Spikers and Teenie
Macaroni & Gus = Mac-n-Gus
Horatio = Meatball
Malka = Malkies
Abby = Abby Cadabby, Abbycakes
Vegas = Vegers
Brylie = Bry-cakes
Chaya = Chai Chai
Cindy = Cindy Lou
Dylan = Dilly, Dillhead
Kiki - Keekers
Bean = Beaners

My own cats are the worst!

Monkey = Monkey pants, Monkers, Shmonkey
Burbur = Burbles
Shaggy =Shaggybuns, Shaggypants
Squee = Squeeble
Gabriel = Gabers
Maximus = Shmaxi, Meeeax
Georgia = Just a really high pitched "Gerogia!"

You get my point... I'm a kook

I have to say that I love getting to watch or assist with animals other than cats and dogs.  It's just nice for a change.  Lately more people have been having fish which is great!  I watch rats, guinea pigs, and yesterday I got to clip wings on a new bird!  I love birds, but mainly big birds.  Seems that the smaller birds like cockatiels and conures usually have an attitude despite their innocent faces.  Wing trims are much easier than nail trims so I was excited.  He was such a little stinker!  He could still fly with the normal trim so I had to cut his main flight wings.  Stressed the poor kid (and his mom) out, but now he can have more freedom in the loft.  He repaid me by pooping down my hand and then biting me.  Sigh... it's a thankless job.

Batman a.k.a. Hopper
I have learned this about lofts in this city.  You can hear EVERYTHING from your neighbors.  Teeth brushing, coughing, sneezing, phone calls, ahem "nighttime activities".... Although beautiful spaces, be prepared for very little privacy!

This has been a slower week so I have had more time to hang out with cats and saunter a little slower.  My week had been twice a day visits to these silly boys.
Kryten               They are the sweetest and funniest cats.  The facial expressions, the mannerisms, the moodiness, it's just hilarious.  Lister has a thing with jumping on my back every time I lean over to feed them, clean the litter, sit down anywhere.  Sometimes a am a chair, sometimes I am a step stool.

Monday, June 4, 2012

All weekend I have had my lady love Sidney to take care of.  She has been in my life since she was first rescued and lived far away.  Now she lives a few blocks away and I love it.  She really is quite amazing.  Certain people in my life who are scared to death of dogs actually felt comfortable hugging her.  Anyway, we usually go to the Rite Aid to "do our business".  Not only do Rite Aids everywhere have magical dirt that makes dogs go, but they also have a trashcan!  What more could you ask for??  So we were making a late night round on Saturday and there was a man my the Rite Aid trashcan preparing newspapers.  I was the 2nd person to throw away a poop bag right next to him, and he comments, "I guess this basket is uh, where people throw out all  of their crap.." I said, "Yes, yes this is the crap basket!" And walked away.  Now every time I walk by it, I think of this conversation and how this Rite Aid trashcan will forever be known to me as the "crap basket"

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Feeling less than accomplished  ;( Ugh... yesterday was just one of those days.  Nothing goes right, I try to substitute chocolate with watermelon (kinda worked...)  Just feeling very blah and need to vent.  Sincere apologies. 

I woke up at 4 am with my mosquito bites itching like crazy - kept me up for an hour or so.  Fell back asleep, then woke up tired of course.  Started my duties, etc... caught the bus down to 25th st to feed a new cat.  All went well there, then tried to cut the nails of a cat who needs valium for such events.  Well... the valium didn't kick in after 2 pills and almost 2 hours.  We did a nail trim and a butt shave on the one cat, but nothing on the other.  I did however eat delicious fruit while we were waiting. 

I then came back to do my lunchtime dog walks.  Everything was fine except for one dog who is getting growly when I try to put the harness on her.  The owner was there to witness it, but it still happened.  Lucky an hour later I was going to a training session with another dog who was doing the same thing.  I learned ALOT and it was great, but time flew and I was there for 3 hours.  Dizzy and starving when I got home, we ordered dinner.  By the time I ate and had the strength to go back out, it started pouring.  My night ended with 2 rainy dog walks and being woken up at 4am to this face who needed to go out back.