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Monday, June 25, 2012

So sick of people who live in the section 8 projects telling me that I can't walk my dogs on their "lawn".  First of all, when I bring dogs over there (because it's the only grass in the area), I only let them go on the grass in the "inbetween parts" of the houses.  They are not by peoples front doors, they are by the side fences in between the houses or the grass by the parking lot.  This is not considered your "yard".  The fenced in property behind your house is your yard.  Kids do not play on this 6 foot patch of grass with bushes (that the city cares for). You do not stand here, walk here, sun bathe here... basically it is city property.  Don't come out yelling at me "Did your dogs take a shit here??! They better not have!  Kids play here!" Um, it's bullshit. I have lived in this house for 6 years.  I have never seen anyone play there.  What I have seen is garbage, chicken bones, crab claws, whole crab shells, potato chip bags, diapers, and other dog poo.  The difference is that I pick up my dog poo!!!! If you care so much about the cleanliness in this area, pick up the food parts and trash!!  Don't bitch at me for letting a dog walk there when I am cleaning up after them! 

This guy at a BBQ across the street gave me the whole, "This isn't a dog dumping zone! Take them to the park! These are peoples yards!" He wasn't being super mean about it, I'm just sick of hearing it. On this particular walk I had to remove crab shell and chicken wings from the dogs mouths.  That's ok to have in your "yard"? My response was holding up a pink bag of poop that was tied up and stating that I ALWAYS pick up after the dogs.  He backed down, got quiet and apologized.  Ugh!! Maybe more people would respect the property and pick up after THEIR dogs if folks picked up the trash once in a while.  They have a dumpster for personal use in these projects!!!  I'd kill for use of a dumpster!  Use it!!

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