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Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Friday night thoughts....   I have nicknames for most of the animals I see, especially dogs.  It's their name, only slightly silly.  I don't know why I do it, I just always have.

Fiona = "My Fiona"  (and I sing My Sharona to her on walks if there is no one around)
Jack = Jackers, Jackapus, Jackyl  (I have had many dogs named Jack)
Maggie = Shmaggie
Shana = Shay Shay
Dayja = D Girl
Bella = Shmella Bella
Shane = Shaney
Spike & Tina = Spikers and Teenie
Macaroni & Gus = Mac-n-Gus
Horatio = Meatball
Malka = Malkies
Abby = Abby Cadabby, Abbycakes
Vegas = Vegers
Brylie = Bry-cakes
Chaya = Chai Chai
Cindy = Cindy Lou
Dylan = Dilly, Dillhead
Kiki - Keekers
Bean = Beaners

My own cats are the worst!

Monkey = Monkey pants, Monkers, Shmonkey
Burbur = Burbles
Shaggy =Shaggybuns, Shaggypants
Squee = Squeeble
Gabriel = Gabers
Maximus = Shmaxi, Meeeax
Georgia = Just a really high pitched "Gerogia!"

You get my point... I'm a kook

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