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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Perhaps the end of the world really is coming tomorrow, otherwise how can we explain what  crap day this was?!  Seems that everyone is having a hell of a day today. Mine started out at 7:45 am with a phone call from a client who's dogs (2 out of 3) ate Hershey's Kisses that were left on the couch.  I was up, but still in bed.  He was in a panic and I felt I had to go over there to induce vomiting.  I roll out of bed, throw clothes on, brush my teeth and head out.  My peroxide was expired, so I stopped at the corner store to grab a new bottle ($1.39, how reasonable!) In my zombie state I get to his house in record time, meet his boyfriend (the candy culprit) and head out back with the dogs to give them peroxide in hopes that they will vomit up the chocolate. No such luck.  It was a big waiting game with no end result. 

In the midst of awaiting regurgitation, I get a text from another client with a dog who has been vomiting on and off since yesterday.  She asked if I would take him to the vet today since the vomiting started again.  I told her yes, but I had to wait until these dogs threw up first.  I called the vet to reschedule her appointment and see if I should bring in the 2 chocolate mongers. Turns out that they did not eat enough for it to be toxic, but enough for there to be vomiting and/or diarrhea.  Fun times.  I wait with them until a little after 9 to see if anything came up or out.  It didn't, so I put them in the crate, met up with Terry, gave fluids to a cat and went to get the other dog to take him to the vet.  We were there for over an hour making sure he wasn't obstructed since he was supposed to be traveling to Florida today. After x-rays, fluids, and an anti-nausea shot, he was still lackluster.  Poor kid. 

By this time it's lunch and we have 8 more places to go, plus check on the chocolate dogs again.  The city was full of traffic, road closures, no turn signals, and bad drivers.  I still have round 3 to feed/give insulin to tonight.  If this was the last day on Earth, I'm thoroughly disappointed. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

So this was a story from a summer event that I never touched upon.  It was horrible, yet quite humorous at the same time.  I was watching animals near South St. They are in cages (thank god) so they were not in any harm.  Seemed that in the wee hours of the morning, a man attempted to break into the house from the 2nd floor.  He used the patio furniture to break the kitchen window, the alarm went off, and then he retreated.  When the police came, they found the guy passed out on the roof of the neighbors house.  He claimed that this was his hotel (so he thought) and he couldn't get in....  Apparently he was a well-to-do man with a nice haircut, however not the brightest guy in the world.  There was quite a bit of effort on his part with climbing and furniture moving, etc.  Then he was stupid enough to just fall asleep.  Luckily nothing was stolen, no one was harmed, and the damage was minimal.  Just crazy adult drunken fun...

It's funny that I am noticing how certain pets seem to have S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  One in particular (my Stan man) seems so down  in the dumps on gloomy, rainy days.  He flops, he grumbles to himself, growls a lot, and goes out to pee at the closest tree before dragging me home.  I don't know what to do for him except remain upbeat and give him treats to make him smile.  Post treat, I still get the exasperated face, heavy sigh, and a flop on his bed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ok, so this isn't really a pet sitting adventure, but more of a pet store adventure.  Last week we were at Petsmart in South Philly getting some fish.  While we were there, they announced the puppy school graduation over the loud speaker. Next thing we know, they are playing the commencement music throughout the store.  The one fish guy commented that once a lady started crying when she heard this.  I can understand that, this song evokes all kinds of emotion!

I was doing fine until I saw the 2 graduating puppies (1 tiny black poodle and a small pit puppy who was smiling from ear to ear)  Their owners walked them around the store to the commencement music while everyone else in the class stood around them cheering with their own puppies.  I was holding back tears it was so emotional!!!  You may laugh, but I dare you to go to one of these things and not get choked up. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What a busy holiday season thus far!  Where to begin.....

First, I had to say goodbye to 2 awesome dogs (and awesome neighbors).  They are having a baby and moving to the burbs (I lose so many clients this way! :(  )  Their move kept getting pushed back, so I just kept saying goodbye to the dogs every week.  Sigh... they surely entertained me during the time that I had them twice a week.  Most recently the beagle had to have surgery on her leg and was in a crate during the day to restrict her activity.  90% of the time she was very good about it, but certain days she was very stubborn.

Wasn't it bad enough that her butt was shaved and she had to wear an e-collar?!  Then  I had to get her in the crate?! Such meanies we are :)  She would jump on the couch and look at me with defiance in her eyes.  I would tell her to go in the crate and she wouldn't budge.  I would nudge her and she would glare.  One day I sat down next to her on the couch and took my phone out.  I said to her, "Fine, I'm just going to call your mother and tell her that you won't go in your crate." As soon as I started to dial, she jumped off the couch and flew into her crate.  Too smart for her own good! :)