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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Politics of Poop

I know that dog owners are all on same page about this.  The subject is poop.  I have literally discussed poop on a daily basis for probably the past 10 years.  It is a gross, but valid subject for dog owners as well as walkers.

Basically in the city you have a few options for dogs to do their business.  They can go on or around trees in the street, parks, dog parks, empty lots, or on the sidewalk.  Very few dogs will go on the sidewalk, so I usually leave that out.  If you take your dog to a regular park, you get dirty looks from those laying down in the grass.  You then avoid the people, and the kids, and pray that the dog goes in the designated spot away from people.  They then tell you that you should go to a dog park, but if you walk a dog aggressive dog that is impossible.  If you try to walk around the outskirts of a dog park, they don't want dogs there.  If you find some grassy area around new construction (not being used for anything), there are signs that it is "pet free." If you go by trees on the street, you get yelled at by the people who own the house behind the tree.  You can search for empty lots, but not only are they disappearing fast, they are full of garbage and broken glass.  Basically, our dogs are screwed because they aren't allowed anywhere!  Don't get me wrong, I do respect the flowers and signs asking you to keep your dogs out of private areas, but public parks?!  I consider them free game.

Let's say poop happens and you are carrying around a bag only to find that there are no trashcans.  You find one and there is a sign on it that says  "No dog waste".  You find another one and someone comes out of the store to tell you that you can't throw away dog poop in the trash!  They tell you to take it home.  I tell them that this isn't my dog, nor my home so I need a trash can.  I'm sorry, when did people get to dictate what trash goes in the trashcan??  This explains why people have stopped picking up after their dog OR they pick it up and then leave the bag of poop in the middle of the sidewalk.  Which is worse?  A poop covered city or smelly trash?

They don't make it easy, but we are figuring out ways to avoid the rules.  I feel bad sometimes, but I am in the business of making dogs happy.  They shall poop where they please and I shall pick it up.  :)