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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday I was walking a dog through the park/playground around 11am.  I keep forgetting that schools have started back up.  I am used to the line of kids walking hand-in-hand or attached to a long rope so as not to lose each other.  What I wasn't prepared for was the interaction.  The dog had decided to take a rest and lay by a tree.  The tree just happened to be next to the exit and fence.  I had an entire preschool class, probably 15-20 kids, waiving and yelling, "Bye doggie!!!!"  It was cute for the first 30 seconds.  Then they all started barking.  So here I am with a dog that doesn't want to walk, being barked at by 20 little kids as they slowly walk by with their little legs.  Nothing I can really do but wait.... and hope that no one sees this.

I then head over to South St, pondering the question of going to the right to get tokens, or to the left and head towards cats.  I go one way, then turn around into this girl (in her 20's I guess?) who asks me where she can go for breakfast.  I ask her what kind of breakfast she wants, thinking of all the great places I can let her in on.  She replies, "A hangover breakfast." So I ask if she wants to stay on South St, she says yes, and I started telling her that South St. Diner was really the only place during the week on the street.  I start pointing to 2nd st and telling her where it was, and she angrily cuts me off and goes, "Yeah, ok thanks!" and walks away!!  I know you are hung over on a Monday, but you asked MY advice.  Ugh! These people.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This day started out perfectly fine!  Beautiful weather, feeling good from dance last night.... I was walking with my head held high.  I turned the corner of my street and came upon a black cat walking across the street to one of my clients houses.  I think to myself, "well that's cute!  He is visiting." Then he walks inside! I get over there and see that the door is wide open, seems that there is work being done in the house.  I step in, look at the cat, and say, "What are you doing?" He turns around and leaves.  The odd thing is that I don't see the 2 dogs that live there.  I yell hello, but there is no answer.  I shut the door and call the owner to let him know what just happened, and that is the door is open again, he may come home to a black cat in his house.

The rest of the day is going smoothly, and then... THEN I go get one of my favorite dogs to walk.  We go on out normal route down Kimball.  He likes to visit the cats that live by the garden.  He stops almost at the end of the street and poops.  As I am reaching for a poop bag, this woman comes out of her house, hands up in the air, loudly sighing, and saying, "Oh come on!!!"  And I look over and say, "What?"  She says, "What do you think??!!" And I said, "Oh, that he pooped?  Don't worry, I'm picking it up." She said, "I know.  I've seen you before.  I have you on camera picking up the poop."  Um, whaa???  So then she goes into a rant of where I should walk him, and why don't I walk him behind CVS, and "don't make it a habit of walking him down here!"

  I'm proud of myself for remaining completely calm to her condescending tone, but I told her that I am a dog walker, and I pick up after my dogs which is more than most owners do around here.  And that this is a sweet older dog who pooped on city property.  I pick up and throw it away, there is no need to get mad.  Then she gets all snarky and tells me that that particular part of the pavement the poop was on was private property owned by that particular business.  There was a truck and an open garage door, so I said, "Oh!  Well, I can go in there and ask them if they mind me walking the dog on their property if I pick up after him."  She quickly said, "No don't, they won't mind.  I just want you to know it's private property."  So I ended by telling her that we live in a city full of dogs, they are doing no harm, and to have a nice day.  I did however walk away fuming and now feel compelled to walk him there EVERY SINGLE DAY just to piss her off for being such a bitch to me!  Why do people do this? How do they have so much time on their hands that they feel the need to hover at the door to scoff at passers by.  And how was my walking a dog down her street more annoying than the 2 pomeranians who bark incessantly out the window 2 doors down and the young guy drinking a 40 on his skateboard at noon?  But the quiet girl with the golden retriever gets a comment.  Ugh!!! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jasper.... oh Jasper....

Too cute for your own good!  And too sneaky!!!  This is a young cat who loves love, but even moreso, loves to run out the door and scare the hell out of me.  Thank god these people live in an apartment building and he just has the hallway, but the little bugger can fly out that front door without me knowing!  Then he takes off down the hall, I chase after him, he rolls on his back, I get to him, and then he takes off the other way.  It's like a ritual.  He tries to get on his dads chair lift and take a ride, he rolls on feet, and is just the sweetest thing ever.  He is lucky he is so cute.  Makes it much easier to tolerate his antics.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just finished 2 of my "round 2" cats of the day.  By the time I got to Broad and Pine, I was sweaty and exhausted!  Back to the cat who I love and the mother who I love more.  Seeing them twice a day is a pleasure.  The cat has gotten MUCH better at taking her pills and now eats her liquid medication in a ball of food.  I draw up the medicine in a syringe while the cats grandmother makes a little "bowl of wet food" in her hand.  I squirt the medicine in, and then she folds the sides to make a meatball.  It's a team effort. :)

I caught a cab coming back home because I just couldn't bear to walk it again, and my cab driver was awesome!  Well, very nice and liked to talk.  He was Islamic and liked cats, but not dogs.  He told me a story of a time where he had a passenger in the cab, and they were stopped at a corner.  There was a woman standing there with a huge dog "like donkey" who proceeded to lean his head over through the drivers window and lick his face.  The driver freaks out, telling her to get the dog away because it is going to eat his face.  She tried to tell him the dog is friendly, he doesn't buy it.  No prior trauma, just doesn't like dogs.  But cat's are ok... because the prophets liked cats and let them sleep in their clothes.  Oh, and men need women.  And women need men to be queen.  It was an interesting ride....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There are houses that I feel completely comfortable in, however there is a piece of art or stuffed animal that just creeps me out.  I have not taken pictures over the years (I wish I had), and believe me, I am not out to offend anyone.  People are entitled to their own taste in household items.  They should know that I am easily creeped, especially by clowns.