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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday I was walking a dog through the park/playground around 11am.  I keep forgetting that schools have started back up.  I am used to the line of kids walking hand-in-hand or attached to a long rope so as not to lose each other.  What I wasn't prepared for was the interaction.  The dog had decided to take a rest and lay by a tree.  The tree just happened to be next to the exit and fence.  I had an entire preschool class, probably 15-20 kids, waiving and yelling, "Bye doggie!!!!"  It was cute for the first 30 seconds.  Then they all started barking.  So here I am with a dog that doesn't want to walk, being barked at by 20 little kids as they slowly walk by with their little legs.  Nothing I can really do but wait.... and hope that no one sees this.

I then head over to South St, pondering the question of going to the right to get tokens, or to the left and head towards cats.  I go one way, then turn around into this girl (in her 20's I guess?) who asks me where she can go for breakfast.  I ask her what kind of breakfast she wants, thinking of all the great places I can let her in on.  She replies, "A hangover breakfast." So I ask if she wants to stay on South St, she says yes, and I started telling her that South St. Diner was really the only place during the week on the street.  I start pointing to 2nd st and telling her where it was, and she angrily cuts me off and goes, "Yeah, ok thanks!" and walks away!!  I know you are hung over on a Monday, but you asked MY advice.  Ugh! These people.

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