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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Perhaps the end of the world really is coming tomorrow, otherwise how can we explain what  crap day this was?!  Seems that everyone is having a hell of a day today. Mine started out at 7:45 am with a phone call from a client who's dogs (2 out of 3) ate Hershey's Kisses that were left on the couch.  I was up, but still in bed.  He was in a panic and I felt I had to go over there to induce vomiting.  I roll out of bed, throw clothes on, brush my teeth and head out.  My peroxide was expired, so I stopped at the corner store to grab a new bottle ($1.39, how reasonable!) In my zombie state I get to his house in record time, meet his boyfriend (the candy culprit) and head out back with the dogs to give them peroxide in hopes that they will vomit up the chocolate. No such luck.  It was a big waiting game with no end result. 

In the midst of awaiting regurgitation, I get a text from another client with a dog who has been vomiting on and off since yesterday.  She asked if I would take him to the vet today since the vomiting started again.  I told her yes, but I had to wait until these dogs threw up first.  I called the vet to reschedule her appointment and see if I should bring in the 2 chocolate mongers. Turns out that they did not eat enough for it to be toxic, but enough for there to be vomiting and/or diarrhea.  Fun times.  I wait with them until a little after 9 to see if anything came up or out.  It didn't, so I put them in the crate, met up with Terry, gave fluids to a cat and went to get the other dog to take him to the vet.  We were there for over an hour making sure he wasn't obstructed since he was supposed to be traveling to Florida today. After x-rays, fluids, and an anti-nausea shot, he was still lackluster.  Poor kid. 

By this time it's lunch and we have 8 more places to go, plus check on the chocolate dogs again.  The city was full of traffic, road closures, no turn signals, and bad drivers.  I still have round 3 to feed/give insulin to tonight.  If this was the last day on Earth, I'm thoroughly disappointed. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

So this was a story from a summer event that I never touched upon.  It was horrible, yet quite humorous at the same time.  I was watching animals near South St. They are in cages (thank god) so they were not in any harm.  Seemed that in the wee hours of the morning, a man attempted to break into the house from the 2nd floor.  He used the patio furniture to break the kitchen window, the alarm went off, and then he retreated.  When the police came, they found the guy passed out on the roof of the neighbors house.  He claimed that this was his hotel (so he thought) and he couldn't get in....  Apparently he was a well-to-do man with a nice haircut, however not the brightest guy in the world.  There was quite a bit of effort on his part with climbing and furniture moving, etc.  Then he was stupid enough to just fall asleep.  Luckily nothing was stolen, no one was harmed, and the damage was minimal.  Just crazy adult drunken fun...

It's funny that I am noticing how certain pets seem to have S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  One in particular (my Stan man) seems so down  in the dumps on gloomy, rainy days.  He flops, he grumbles to himself, growls a lot, and goes out to pee at the closest tree before dragging me home.  I don't know what to do for him except remain upbeat and give him treats to make him smile.  Post treat, I still get the exasperated face, heavy sigh, and a flop on his bed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ok, so this isn't really a pet sitting adventure, but more of a pet store adventure.  Last week we were at Petsmart in South Philly getting some fish.  While we were there, they announced the puppy school graduation over the loud speaker. Next thing we know, they are playing the commencement music throughout the store.  The one fish guy commented that once a lady started crying when she heard this.  I can understand that, this song evokes all kinds of emotion!

I was doing fine until I saw the 2 graduating puppies (1 tiny black poodle and a small pit puppy who was smiling from ear to ear)  Their owners walked them around the store to the commencement music while everyone else in the class stood around them cheering with their own puppies.  I was holding back tears it was so emotional!!!  You may laugh, but I dare you to go to one of these things and not get choked up. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What a busy holiday season thus far!  Where to begin.....

First, I had to say goodbye to 2 awesome dogs (and awesome neighbors).  They are having a baby and moving to the burbs (I lose so many clients this way! :(  )  Their move kept getting pushed back, so I just kept saying goodbye to the dogs every week.  Sigh... they surely entertained me during the time that I had them twice a week.  Most recently the beagle had to have surgery on her leg and was in a crate during the day to restrict her activity.  90% of the time she was very good about it, but certain days she was very stubborn.

Wasn't it bad enough that her butt was shaved and she had to wear an e-collar?!  Then  I had to get her in the crate?! Such meanies we are :)  She would jump on the couch and look at me with defiance in her eyes.  I would tell her to go in the crate and she wouldn't budge.  I would nudge her and she would glare.  One day I sat down next to her on the couch and took my phone out.  I said to her, "Fine, I'm just going to call your mother and tell her that you won't go in your crate." As soon as I started to dial, she jumped off the couch and flew into her crate.  Too smart for her own good! :) 

Monday, November 12, 2012

So Saturday I had to go to Society Hill Towers.  The West Tower to get a key, and then the North Tower to feed cats.  I arrive at the North Tower and see this, a fire truck.  Awesome.

I go in, find out that they have not given the all clear yet, so the elevators are out.  My client lives on the 18th floor.  So I wait.  I wait with all of the older folks in the lobby for security to tell us we can go back upstairs.  First there was one older couple who were sitting and talking. They got a call on their cell from a friend in the building (Frank) who was watching them from his apartment on the monitor channel.  They were waiving at the camera getting a kick out of it.  Then another couple showed up, they were friends with the first ones.  Same phone call, waiving at Frank again, etc...

It was taking longer and longer, so I asked security of I could walk up.  He asked what floor.  I said, "Eighteen..."  He said, "Are you sure?"   I have no patience to wait, so I said I was.  I began my journey up to the 18th floor on foot.  It took less time than I thought, however I was panting, cursing, and out of breath by the time I got up there.  I sat down at the top, and no sooner heard the announcement over the loud speaker that it was a faulty smoke head and we have the all clear for the elevators. Fuuucckk!

Well, at least I know if I have to walk up for the 18th floor, I can. Good cardio, good sweat.  Those dace classes are playing off.

Bitch of Bella Vista struck again!  This woman infuriates me!  So we had a lovely dinner last night and post dinner I had a dog walk.  We also had to stop by 7-11, so we grabbed the dog and walked him all the way over to 11th and Washington.  It was a Sunday at about 8:30 ish... I'm shocked at what I saw while walking.  I thought I would show Mike the street where the bitch lived and where the dog pooped.  (Nothing like a walking tour of bathroom habits)  Mind you, I was walking a different dog last night.  We head down the street, I point out the poop spot (unanimously declared city property) and the house that she lived in.  I elaborately told the story. 

He is starting to believe me because the last time we walked this dog together, ANOTHER bitchy woman came out of her house with her husband and kids following giving me a hard time about the dog peeing on the tree in front of her house.  She claims that she is going to put a sign out there.  There were no plants, no shrubs, no gnomes... just a tree and dirt within the sidewalk.  Once again I had to explain that "It's a dog, they pee on trees..."  That never goes over well with animal haters.  I will pose this challenge to them.  Try to move a 90+ lb dog in mid stream/poop because the people who live across the street have a problem with it.  It is not only rude to the dog, but it cannot be done easily.  Next time I will use the human analogy.  If you finally found a toilet and REALLY had to go, even started going, and someone pulled you off of it saying, "No!  Not this toilet!  Find another one!" you would be quite upset and possibly get a bladder infection. 

I digress... so we go to our errand.  This dog and I are waiting on the corner for Mike to come out of the store.  He is sitting nicely, listening to my every word, and I look up to see a (hooker?) walking with a young kid.  She is wearing slip on sandals with socks, black capri tights that have sheer wavy parts all the way up to the hip, black lace bra, tiny tank top shredded in the back, and a big bag.  She is stumbling through the CVS parking lot laughing, holding on to this kids arm so as not to fall.  Oy. A mess. 

We start to head back to the dogs house, via The Bitch's street.  I wasn't thinking anything of it, until we passed her house and I heard a door open when we got about 10 ft away.  Instinctively I turned around and saw her hanging out her door watching us!  I assume it was to see if the dog would poop, which he didn't. (Damn!)  She hung out there, literally, and watched us the whole way down the street!  She did not go back inside until we turned the corner onto 10th st!  Really?? Nothing better to do at 8:30 on a Sunday night but protect your street from dog feces??? 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a weird day!  Terry was helping me out with all of my animal duties.  3 visits were cancelled last minute today, so we had a little time to kill.  I got to pick up a package from the post office at 9th and Dickenson (so out of the way!) and then I suggested that we go to visit the aquarium store at 7th and Morris.  Terry had never been there, and it is worth a trip.  Amazing fish, well kept, healthy, and a sweet cat that guards the door. :)  We get our fill of fish, and then get in the car.  We get a few blocks north and I see a rottweiler wandering on 7th St. She stopped the car and we looked around for a human to go along with the dog.  I didn't see one.  They were doing construction right next to her, so I asked one of the workers if the dog lived there.  They said they never saw the dog before.  So here is what is strange.  We were at 7th and Reed, there are tons of people walking around seeing an adult Rottweiler walking around the neighborhood, and no one cares.  No one knew who the dog was or where it lived.  She was super friendly and seemed to have a UTI.  I called QVAH to see if anyone reported a missing Rott, they hadn't.  I called animal control and waited on hold forever.  While on hold we started following the dog to make sure she didn't get hit by a car or wander too far away. I tried to give her some treats I had and some water from a bottle.  She decided that it was better to lick up feces with whole corn in it.  Yeah.....

 Another guy walked by and I asked him if he knew the dog.  This was about the 6th or 7th person we asked.  He said, "Oh yeah, it lives down that street by the second pole.  Lives with the Mexicans." This neighborhood is ALL Asian and Mexican it seems.  So we follow the dog down the street and she stops at this dilapidated old house with a wood door that is falling apart.  She starts sniffing the door, so I knock.  I hear kids screaming, and then a lady yells, "What? Who is there?" I ask if she lost her dog.  She comes to the door looking like she is about to give birth, and says, "Oh yeah."  The dog goes inside and she is just staring at us.  We tell her that the dog was wandering around at 7th and Reed, no collar, and seems to have a UTI.  I advised her to take the dog to a vet. She just nodded and smiled, didn't seem thankful at all... didn't notice that her 90lb dog was not in her house!  Ugh, I"m happy the dog is home, I just wish it was a better home. What an ordeal!

Me on hold offering water

I'm a little behind with some of these, but I have been saving them up! Here we go.

As a rule, workmen and pets never work.  They always do something like let them out, leave doors open, leave chemicals out, etc.  There is a house that has been having a ton of work done lately and most recently the steps were supposed to be refinished.  As you may know, no one can walk on the stairs after they are stained.  This poses a problem when you have a cat.  I was told to put the cat in the upstairs bedroom with all of his stuff (food, litter, etc)   I did it, showed the contractors, and was on my way.  When I came back the next day (when they said it was safe to use the stairs), the door was open and there was no cat.  No note, no warning.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but everything was exactly where I put it the day before.  I look for the cat EVERYWHERE.  I can't find him.  I go out back and stand on chairs looking around for him, calling his name.  Still no response.  After about an hour and countless mosquito bites, I go back outside 1 more time.  I see him sleeping on the neighbors roof right behind the wall.  He is completely camouflaged!

He is also dead asleep. Given the fact that he is 16 years old, his hearing isn't so great either.  I didn't know how to wake him up and get him to eat.  I just started picking up handfuls of his dry food and tossing it on him hoping to get him to stir.  Nothing!!  What will it take to wake this cat up?!  I go down to the kitchen and stand at the door while opening a can of fancy feast.  He wakes right up, stretches, and comes over to eat breakfast like nothing was ever wrong.  Little did he know, he nearly gave me a heart attack.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a busy weekend!  I was running around like a crazy person this morning because everyone had morning visits (including 2 diabetic cats)  In the midst of my first cat visit, I received a text from a dog neighbor that they were stuck out of state and they needed me to let the kids out.  I obliged because I love them (the guys and the dogs), but it added one more morning visit! Grr... I did however get showered with shih tzu kisses which made my morning from this face

So I continue on with all of my morning activities and I get another last minute dog walk text.  The instructions were to come whenever, so at least it was flexible.  It is a dog on Elfreths Alley.  The only downside of taking a dog out for a walk there is all of the tourists that watch you and ask, "So what's it like to live here?!"   So the rambunctious shepherd and I go for a walk, the destination being Bone Jour for a treat.  We make it over there and there is a handsome, big headed black and white dog in there already.  My dog is super jumpy as it is, and it's a small store.  I went in, and then tried to back up towards the door to give them room to sniff.  I stepped back with my left foot right into the water bowl, and then the dog did the same thing.  Nothing like a big fluffy tail in a water bowl wagging on your pants.  I decided we were being too destructive and that we should go back home.  While walking down the street I realized that the back of my pants are wet from the butt down due to her wet waggy tail.  Great, she is happy and I look like I peed all over myself in Old City on a Sunday afternoon.  Yeah... that was my day...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday I was walking a dog through the park/playground around 11am.  I keep forgetting that schools have started back up.  I am used to the line of kids walking hand-in-hand or attached to a long rope so as not to lose each other.  What I wasn't prepared for was the interaction.  The dog had decided to take a rest and lay by a tree.  The tree just happened to be next to the exit and fence.  I had an entire preschool class, probably 15-20 kids, waiving and yelling, "Bye doggie!!!!"  It was cute for the first 30 seconds.  Then they all started barking.  So here I am with a dog that doesn't want to walk, being barked at by 20 little kids as they slowly walk by with their little legs.  Nothing I can really do but wait.... and hope that no one sees this.

I then head over to South St, pondering the question of going to the right to get tokens, or to the left and head towards cats.  I go one way, then turn around into this girl (in her 20's I guess?) who asks me where she can go for breakfast.  I ask her what kind of breakfast she wants, thinking of all the great places I can let her in on.  She replies, "A hangover breakfast." So I ask if she wants to stay on South St, she says yes, and I started telling her that South St. Diner was really the only place during the week on the street.  I start pointing to 2nd st and telling her where it was, and she angrily cuts me off and goes, "Yeah, ok thanks!" and walks away!!  I know you are hung over on a Monday, but you asked MY advice.  Ugh! These people.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This day started out perfectly fine!  Beautiful weather, feeling good from dance last night.... I was walking with my head held high.  I turned the corner of my street and came upon a black cat walking across the street to one of my clients houses.  I think to myself, "well that's cute!  He is visiting." Then he walks inside! I get over there and see that the door is wide open, seems that there is work being done in the house.  I step in, look at the cat, and say, "What are you doing?" He turns around and leaves.  The odd thing is that I don't see the 2 dogs that live there.  I yell hello, but there is no answer.  I shut the door and call the owner to let him know what just happened, and that is the door is open again, he may come home to a black cat in his house.

The rest of the day is going smoothly, and then... THEN I go get one of my favorite dogs to walk.  We go on out normal route down Kimball.  He likes to visit the cats that live by the garden.  He stops almost at the end of the street and poops.  As I am reaching for a poop bag, this woman comes out of her house, hands up in the air, loudly sighing, and saying, "Oh come on!!!"  And I look over and say, "What?"  She says, "What do you think??!!" And I said, "Oh, that he pooped?  Don't worry, I'm picking it up." She said, "I know.  I've seen you before.  I have you on camera picking up the poop."  Um, whaa???  So then she goes into a rant of where I should walk him, and why don't I walk him behind CVS, and "don't make it a habit of walking him down here!"

  I'm proud of myself for remaining completely calm to her condescending tone, but I told her that I am a dog walker, and I pick up after my dogs which is more than most owners do around here.  And that this is a sweet older dog who pooped on city property.  I pick up and throw it away, there is no need to get mad.  Then she gets all snarky and tells me that that particular part of the pavement the poop was on was private property owned by that particular business.  There was a truck and an open garage door, so I said, "Oh!  Well, I can go in there and ask them if they mind me walking the dog on their property if I pick up after him."  She quickly said, "No don't, they won't mind.  I just want you to know it's private property."  So I ended by telling her that we live in a city full of dogs, they are doing no harm, and to have a nice day.  I did however walk away fuming and now feel compelled to walk him there EVERY SINGLE DAY just to piss her off for being such a bitch to me!  Why do people do this? How do they have so much time on their hands that they feel the need to hover at the door to scoff at passers by.  And how was my walking a dog down her street more annoying than the 2 pomeranians who bark incessantly out the window 2 doors down and the young guy drinking a 40 on his skateboard at noon?  But the quiet girl with the golden retriever gets a comment.  Ugh!!! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jasper.... oh Jasper....

Too cute for your own good!  And too sneaky!!!  This is a young cat who loves love, but even moreso, loves to run out the door and scare the hell out of me.  Thank god these people live in an apartment building and he just has the hallway, but the little bugger can fly out that front door without me knowing!  Then he takes off down the hall, I chase after him, he rolls on his back, I get to him, and then he takes off the other way.  It's like a ritual.  He tries to get on his dads chair lift and take a ride, he rolls on feet, and is just the sweetest thing ever.  He is lucky he is so cute.  Makes it much easier to tolerate his antics.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just finished 2 of my "round 2" cats of the day.  By the time I got to Broad and Pine, I was sweaty and exhausted!  Back to the cat who I love and the mother who I love more.  Seeing them twice a day is a pleasure.  The cat has gotten MUCH better at taking her pills and now eats her liquid medication in a ball of food.  I draw up the medicine in a syringe while the cats grandmother makes a little "bowl of wet food" in her hand.  I squirt the medicine in, and then she folds the sides to make a meatball.  It's a team effort. :)

I caught a cab coming back home because I just couldn't bear to walk it again, and my cab driver was awesome!  Well, very nice and liked to talk.  He was Islamic and liked cats, but not dogs.  He told me a story of a time where he had a passenger in the cab, and they were stopped at a corner.  There was a woman standing there with a huge dog "like donkey" who proceeded to lean his head over through the drivers window and lick his face.  The driver freaks out, telling her to get the dog away because it is going to eat his face.  She tried to tell him the dog is friendly, he doesn't buy it.  No prior trauma, just doesn't like dogs.  But cat's are ok... because the prophets liked cats and let them sleep in their clothes.  Oh, and men need women.  And women need men to be queen.  It was an interesting ride....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There are houses that I feel completely comfortable in, however there is a piece of art or stuffed animal that just creeps me out.  I have not taken pictures over the years (I wish I had), and believe me, I am not out to offend anyone.  People are entitled to their own taste in household items.  They should know that I am easily creeped, especially by clowns. 

Monday, August 20, 2012


Let me start by saying that I have been doing an overnight job since Wednesday.  My little buddy and I have played and snuggled all night without any problems for almost 5 days. We weathered a bad thunderstorm, we watched TV, we read magazines, we filled a kong with peanut butter, it was a good time.  Last night was my last night sleeping there.  I was exhausted and hoped for a good night of sleep.  I did not get that.

I will preface this by saying that I sleep on the couch.  I am one of those people that needs to sleep with the TV on (I know I shouldn't), but especially in a strange house.  Most people's guest bedrooms do not have a TV, so I usually end up on a couch, which is fine with me.  So anyway, at about 2:30 a.m. I am awoken by loud quick knocking at the front door. I thought I was imagining it, but I looked at the dog who woke up as well. He proceeded to bark, and in my haze I see someone at the front door! I couldn't make out much, except for a red shirt, big hair, and 2 hands cupped. They have a leaded glass front door, but if you look close enough you can see right in.  That is what this person was doing!  I picked my head up, laid back down and tried not to move.  I must have fallen asleep again for a few minutes because I woke up to the same thing soon after! I am then saying to myself, "If they stay at this door I'm calling the cops." At this point I am just awake and peripherally watching the door and the front window for the next 2 hours.  I kept seeing people walk by, but no more knocking. Finally, both the dog and I fell back asleep and we woke up at 6:30 am.  Not much sleep.  I'm groggy and laying around until about 7 at which point I need the bathroom.  I figure my little man does too, so I ask if he wants to go out back and he runs to the door.  I walk out back with him and shut the door behind me so that the flies don't come in.  He does his business, I pick it up, I go to open the door and it's locked. Fuuuuucccckkkk!!!

So let me paint you a picture.  I am stuck with a dog at 7am in a back patio area with NOTHING on me.  No phone, no keys, no ideas.  So I try to push the door open, no luck.  There are fly bags held up by wire hangers, so I grab a hanger and see if I can pick the lock.  Again, no luck.  I stand on a chair to check other yards and there is NO ONE.  There is a back door that leads to an ally and then to the street.  I leave the dog in the yard, pull open the "door" to the street which was nailed shut, and hurry home.  There is no one around at all, and my worst case scenario is waiting outside my house until Mike goes to work.  Luckily I run into my neighbor/client right away and she lends me her phone.  I get Mike to open the door for me so that we can brainstorm and I can check to see if I have any phone numbers available of people who may have a spare key.  Nope! Everything is on my phone.  We got a ride back over to the clients house by my neighbors husband thinking we are either calling a locksmith or breaking the door.  The best I could do was e-mail the owners sister and ask her to call Mike's cell if she had a key.  She called, but had no key. I was about to have Mike break the back door and just pay for repairs.  There is no locksmith that will come before 8am!

Now we are back in the patio area.  I learned an important lesson.  When you have a fly trap bag, you do not set it down on a table.  They can get out that way, and fly goo comes out.  Then it smells like rotting death and there are black flies EVERYWHERE.  The dog is barking, I'm swatting flies and trying to get the bag hung back up so that they can go back in and Mike is trying to figure out a way into the house.  Standing there with the flies and the smell and the barking dog before 8am was awful, and he said he felt like he was in a level of hell.  Agreed! But we needed to get in.  There were 2 windows in the back off the 2nd floor landing.  One big and one tiny.  Mike climbs up onto the wall, then the landing/roof to see if either of the windows are open.  Of course the big one won't open, but the tiny one will.  Having quite a broad upper body, there was no way that he was fitting though.   So it was my turn to climb into the wall, then the landing.  I have no upper body strength (plus I was in shorts and flip flops), so Mike had to pull me up and drag me by my arms onto the landing. 

If you can't picture this, I have a 90's reference for you.  Remember the 90210 episode where Brandon and Dylan were hiking and one of them slips and almost drops off the mountain?  And whichever one is not falling pulls the other one up by the arms?  It was like that.  Then I had to squeeze myself through the window, diagonally.  I had to get my front half in, and Mike had to grab my legs while lifting my bottom half sideways  so that I could get through this narrow opening.  It worked! I ran downstairs to unlock the door while he climbed down.  Crisis averted...sort of.  I was mentally shaken and physically bruised and scratched.  He made it to work on time and I had to start my day.  I called the owner to explain what had happened and come to find out there is a spare key hidden out back!!  Figures.  Moral of the story is even when you are exhausted and lacking sleep, always make sure the door is unlocked when you go out back.  On a side note, Mike is my hero.

During the storm


anticipating kisses


Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with 2 of my favorite fuzzballs who have moved.  I needed final hugs and pics!
Stanley has been another dog that has been resisting heat.  I don't blame him one bit!  We have been having some behavioral problems with him not walking in general.  After training sessions, great ideas (and great food bribes), we are seeing improvement!   What I have learned with him is that he gets anxious when his mind is not focused on something.  His brain needs to be challenged.  When he gets his leash on, he gets a treat.  We go outside and he puts the breaks on.  I get him to focus on a small treat.  I then throw it as far as I can and make it a game of "let's find it!".  he seems to respond to that! If I find it first I pick it back up.  If he finds it first he eats it. We do this maybe 2-3 times until he is walking well.  Then in between I have him sit and high five/give me paw every half block or so.  He gets a treat then too.  He seems to enjoy having a task and has been much better outside.  No barking.  No laying down.  I'm the treat gal! :)
I love my big Stan!

For the first few days it's a bit nicer out.  Still many visits, but not sweating AS much as I have been.  Yay! I can't wait for fall. I have been having trouble getting many of the bigger dogs out in the heat.  Shane is one is them.  He prefers to lay on the cold tile in the bathroom instead of going out for a walk.  There have been a few things that got him to get up and come downstairs:
#1 - The sound of me opening and eating a sandwich in the kitchen
#2 - A  REALLY good belly rub
#3 - Dancing!

I found out today that if I have my ipod on and I dance in front of him (with feeling), he gets right up and wants to join me!  He is my sweetest bear of a dog!
Shane down

Shane up     

Friday, August 3, 2012

2 showers before noon :(   It is so muggy out!! 

This has been a tough week.  I am losing 2 great clients.  They are leaving the city and while I can't expect people to stay forever, I expect people to stay forever!!   My feeling is that my business is going to go through some changes in the near future.  Every time someone leaves the city, I panic and try to replace them with another client.

 I also had to tell a client yesterday that  I can no longer walk her dog due to the location of her new apartment.  I hated to do it, but when I have to cross Delaware Ave on foot (a death-defying act), it's time for them to find someone else.  It's like a break -up.  I love the dog and the client, I just have to create my boundaries and stick to them.  An hour ordeal is not worth the $15 that I would be making.  Sigh...

Here are the kids that I had to say goodbye to this week. 

They will all have new lives outside of the city.  I will miss them so much!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

So the reasons for my lack of writing include:
General busy-ness
Heat knocking me out and forcing me to nap
Trying to get life stuff done while getting work stuff done
Heat causing lazy afternoons

I am trying to get back into this as I have alot to say, I just don't always have the time to say it. 
A few weeks ago I could be considered the subcutaneous fluid queen!  There were 2 separate instances where I was needed for renal cats.  One was a family who was going on vacation.  They have an elderly cat who needs fluids every other day and their original sitter was not returning their calls.  I got a frantic call from someone stating that they only needed someone to give fluids.  The feeding/litter/cleaning was taken care of.  I felt so horrible that I agreed.  Turned out to be the sweetest old lady cat who was squirmy, but overall very good!!

Another client called me frantic because her cat was just diagnosed with renal failure (plus a host of other problems) and she had to give fluids at home.  She nearly passed out, was having panic attacks, and couldn't handle sticking the needle in.  After the first fluid visit, I went to teach her how to do it and hope that she stayed conscious.  She got a little woozy the first time watching me, but she is getting the hang of it now! Yay!

About a week later I had to watch her cats.  The sick one is on a special food, while the other cat is on her regular food.  They must be fed in separate rooms and kept away from eachother during meal times.  She had been leaving the special food out all day in efforts to get the sickie kid to eat more.  When I got there, the food was on the window sill in the bedroom and I saw something moving.  The cat jumped up and I said, "Aw, is there a little buggie in your food?" Turned out it was a swarm of ants that came in through the air conditioner unit and they were having a smorgasbord!  I hate swarms of insects, so I grabbed the bowl and ran to the bathroom, turned on the water, and tried to drown them all.  In the midst of this the cat is following me as if to say, "Hey! Where are you taking my food??"  We found a safe, bug-free spot to put the bowl and all was well.  The ants in this city are so demanding!!

Ants, bowl, whiskers

Ants: post food removal

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday was an interesting day in that it was kind of nice out, but all the crazies were out!  I bought a transpass this week for my many bus needs in this heat.  I would take the bus 3 blocks if it was coming, just because I could.  I was at 9th and Christian and saw the bus coming so I decided to take it to south.  While waiting, this guy who literally looks like a leprechaun asks if you were allowed to eat on the bus.  As I am answering him, I am staring at thick, curly, bush of hair coming out of each ear and can't help but wonder what his deal is.  He is maybe 5ft tall, small build, reddish curly hair, in his 50's, highish voice, and walked like Igor.  I told him that technically you are not supposed to eat on the bus, but that they really don't care.   He gets all excited and says, "You think I can get a lemonade??!!" I told him, "Sure."  He comes out of the corner store with a water ice.  He throws the spoon on a table as the bus approaches and tells me he is going to hide it! I told him he didn't need to, but he shoved the water ice in his grocery bag.  I see him on the bus sneaking licks all hunched over, not facing the driver.  Sigh...

One this particular bus are 2 VERY large black women from out of town completely done up and ready to go out.  They seem to be in their 30's with tons of makeup and jewelry.  They have skintight outfits on, no bra, mini skirt, and they are taking pictures of themselves and eachother while on the bus.  The driver is giving them a guided tour of 9th st.  Then one of them goes, "So what exactly IS a hoagie?" Sigh again.... we just passed Sarcones.  This trip is taking so much longer because the driver has to explain the origin of a hoagie, a cheesesteak, and every restaurant.  Now granted, they seemed like really fun ladies, but I had a date to pill a cat and was kind of in a rush.  Septa is always an adventure.