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Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday was an interesting day in that it was kind of nice out, but all the crazies were out!  I bought a transpass this week for my many bus needs in this heat.  I would take the bus 3 blocks if it was coming, just because I could.  I was at 9th and Christian and saw the bus coming so I decided to take it to south.  While waiting, this guy who literally looks like a leprechaun asks if you were allowed to eat on the bus.  As I am answering him, I am staring at thick, curly, bush of hair coming out of each ear and can't help but wonder what his deal is.  He is maybe 5ft tall, small build, reddish curly hair, in his 50's, highish voice, and walked like Igor.  I told him that technically you are not supposed to eat on the bus, but that they really don't care.   He gets all excited and says, "You think I can get a lemonade??!!" I told him, "Sure."  He comes out of the corner store with a water ice.  He throws the spoon on a table as the bus approaches and tells me he is going to hide it! I told him he didn't need to, but he shoved the water ice in his grocery bag.  I see him on the bus sneaking licks all hunched over, not facing the driver.  Sigh...

One this particular bus are 2 VERY large black women from out of town completely done up and ready to go out.  They seem to be in their 30's with tons of makeup and jewelry.  They have skintight outfits on, no bra, mini skirt, and they are taking pictures of themselves and eachother while on the bus.  The driver is giving them a guided tour of 9th st.  Then one of them goes, "So what exactly IS a hoagie?" Sigh again.... we just passed Sarcones.  This trip is taking so much longer because the driver has to explain the origin of a hoagie, a cheesesteak, and every restaurant.  Now granted, they seemed like really fun ladies, but I had a date to pill a cat and was kind of in a rush.  Septa is always an adventure.

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