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Monday, July 30, 2012

So the reasons for my lack of writing include:
General busy-ness
Heat knocking me out and forcing me to nap
Trying to get life stuff done while getting work stuff done
Heat causing lazy afternoons

I am trying to get back into this as I have alot to say, I just don't always have the time to say it. 
A few weeks ago I could be considered the subcutaneous fluid queen!  There were 2 separate instances where I was needed for renal cats.  One was a family who was going on vacation.  They have an elderly cat who needs fluids every other day and their original sitter was not returning their calls.  I got a frantic call from someone stating that they only needed someone to give fluids.  The feeding/litter/cleaning was taken care of.  I felt so horrible that I agreed.  Turned out to be the sweetest old lady cat who was squirmy, but overall very good!!

Another client called me frantic because her cat was just diagnosed with renal failure (plus a host of other problems) and she had to give fluids at home.  She nearly passed out, was having panic attacks, and couldn't handle sticking the needle in.  After the first fluid visit, I went to teach her how to do it and hope that she stayed conscious.  She got a little woozy the first time watching me, but she is getting the hang of it now! Yay!

About a week later I had to watch her cats.  The sick one is on a special food, while the other cat is on her regular food.  They must be fed in separate rooms and kept away from eachother during meal times.  She had been leaving the special food out all day in efforts to get the sickie kid to eat more.  When I got there, the food was on the window sill in the bedroom and I saw something moving.  The cat jumped up and I said, "Aw, is there a little buggie in your food?" Turned out it was a swarm of ants that came in through the air conditioner unit and they were having a smorgasbord!  I hate swarms of insects, so I grabbed the bowl and ran to the bathroom, turned on the water, and tried to drown them all.  In the midst of this the cat is following me as if to say, "Hey! Where are you taking my food??"  We found a safe, bug-free spot to put the bowl and all was well.  The ants in this city are so demanding!!

Ants, bowl, whiskers

Ants: post food removal

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