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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I can't even go into the ridiculousness that was this past holiday week.  Not only was it sweltering outside, but i was swamped EVERY DAY!  There were 4 days of overnights along with 20+ visits a day.  I am so wiped out I can barely function.  I need a vacation after everyone else took their vacations. Luckily I had the help of Terry, Mike, and my dad to get me through these visits. 

Where to begin... let's start with July 4th.  The day of fireworks, both amateur and professional.  For some dogs, this day is their worst nightmare.  Molly is one of these dogs.  This poor girl refused to go outside and was panting with her tail between her legs looking panicked.  I called her mom to try to find her sedatives.  What sucks is that they take a while to kick in, so she was in a variety of positions trying to calm herself down.  Nothing I did worked.  No petting, hugging, or talking, so I put on Beauty and the Beast on Netflix hoping that Walt Disney could soothe the savage beast. 

Panting in the kitchen post pill

Still panting....

Finding a hiding spot

REALLY hiding

Squishing into a ball

Attempting comfort   

I hated leaving her like that!! Broke my heart, there was no consoling her though.  The next day she was completely back to normal.

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