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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a little behind with some of these, but I have been saving them up! Here we go.

As a rule, workmen and pets never work.  They always do something like let them out, leave doors open, leave chemicals out, etc.  There is a house that has been having a ton of work done lately and most recently the steps were supposed to be refinished.  As you may know, no one can walk on the stairs after they are stained.  This poses a problem when you have a cat.  I was told to put the cat in the upstairs bedroom with all of his stuff (food, litter, etc)   I did it, showed the contractors, and was on my way.  When I came back the next day (when they said it was safe to use the stairs), the door was open and there was no cat.  No note, no warning.  He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but everything was exactly where I put it the day before.  I look for the cat EVERYWHERE.  I can't find him.  I go out back and stand on chairs looking around for him, calling his name.  Still no response.  After about an hour and countless mosquito bites, I go back outside 1 more time.  I see him sleeping on the neighbors roof right behind the wall.  He is completely camouflaged!

He is also dead asleep. Given the fact that he is 16 years old, his hearing isn't so great either.  I didn't know how to wake him up and get him to eat.  I just started picking up handfuls of his dry food and tossing it on him hoping to get him to stir.  Nothing!!  What will it take to wake this cat up?!  I go down to the kitchen and stand at the door while opening a can of fancy feast.  He wakes right up, stretches, and comes over to eat breakfast like nothing was ever wrong.  Little did he know, he nearly gave me a heart attack.

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