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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a busy weekend!  I was running around like a crazy person this morning because everyone had morning visits (including 2 diabetic cats)  In the midst of my first cat visit, I received a text from a dog neighbor that they were stuck out of state and they needed me to let the kids out.  I obliged because I love them (the guys and the dogs), but it added one more morning visit! Grr... I did however get showered with shih tzu kisses which made my morning from this face

So I continue on with all of my morning activities and I get another last minute dog walk text.  The instructions were to come whenever, so at least it was flexible.  It is a dog on Elfreths Alley.  The only downside of taking a dog out for a walk there is all of the tourists that watch you and ask, "So what's it like to live here?!"   So the rambunctious shepherd and I go for a walk, the destination being Bone Jour for a treat.  We make it over there and there is a handsome, big headed black and white dog in there already.  My dog is super jumpy as it is, and it's a small store.  I went in, and then tried to back up towards the door to give them room to sniff.  I stepped back with my left foot right into the water bowl, and then the dog did the same thing.  Nothing like a big fluffy tail in a water bowl wagging on your pants.  I decided we were being too destructive and that we should go back home.  While walking down the street I realized that the back of my pants are wet from the butt down due to her wet waggy tail.  Great, she is happy and I look like I peed all over myself in Old City on a Sunday afternoon.  Yeah... that was my day...


  1. Well, Deb, in Philly you don't look out of place if you pee yourself, so there's a silver lining to your cloud :)