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Monday, November 12, 2012

So Saturday I had to go to Society Hill Towers.  The West Tower to get a key, and then the North Tower to feed cats.  I arrive at the North Tower and see this, a fire truck.  Awesome.

I go in, find out that they have not given the all clear yet, so the elevators are out.  My client lives on the 18th floor.  So I wait.  I wait with all of the older folks in the lobby for security to tell us we can go back upstairs.  First there was one older couple who were sitting and talking. They got a call on their cell from a friend in the building (Frank) who was watching them from his apartment on the monitor channel.  They were waiving at the camera getting a kick out of it.  Then another couple showed up, they were friends with the first ones.  Same phone call, waiving at Frank again, etc...

It was taking longer and longer, so I asked security of I could walk up.  He asked what floor.  I said, "Eighteen..."  He said, "Are you sure?"   I have no patience to wait, so I said I was.  I began my journey up to the 18th floor on foot.  It took less time than I thought, however I was panting, cursing, and out of breath by the time I got up there.  I sat down at the top, and no sooner heard the announcement over the loud speaker that it was a faulty smoke head and we have the all clear for the elevators. Fuuucckk!

Well, at least I know if I have to walk up for the 18th floor, I can. Good cardio, good sweat.  Those dace classes are playing off.

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