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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ok, so this isn't really a pet sitting adventure, but more of a pet store adventure.  Last week we were at Petsmart in South Philly getting some fish.  While we were there, they announced the puppy school graduation over the loud speaker. Next thing we know, they are playing the commencement music throughout the store.  The one fish guy commented that once a lady started crying when she heard this.  I can understand that, this song evokes all kinds of emotion!

I was doing fine until I saw the 2 graduating puppies (1 tiny black poodle and a small pit puppy who was smiling from ear to ear)  Their owners walked them around the store to the commencement music while everyone else in the class stood around them cheering with their own puppies.  I was holding back tears it was so emotional!!!  You may laugh, but I dare you to go to one of these things and not get choked up. 

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