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Friday, September 14, 2012

Just finished 2 of my "round 2" cats of the day.  By the time I got to Broad and Pine, I was sweaty and exhausted!  Back to the cat who I love and the mother who I love more.  Seeing them twice a day is a pleasure.  The cat has gotten MUCH better at taking her pills and now eats her liquid medication in a ball of food.  I draw up the medicine in a syringe while the cats grandmother makes a little "bowl of wet food" in her hand.  I squirt the medicine in, and then she folds the sides to make a meatball.  It's a team effort. :)

I caught a cab coming back home because I just couldn't bear to walk it again, and my cab driver was awesome!  Well, very nice and liked to talk.  He was Islamic and liked cats, but not dogs.  He told me a story of a time where he had a passenger in the cab, and they were stopped at a corner.  There was a woman standing there with a huge dog "like donkey" who proceeded to lean his head over through the drivers window and lick his face.  The driver freaks out, telling her to get the dog away because it is going to eat his face.  She tried to tell him the dog is friendly, he doesn't buy it.  No prior trauma, just doesn't like dogs.  But cat's are ok... because the prophets liked cats and let them sleep in their clothes.  Oh, and men need women.  And women need men to be queen.  It was an interesting ride....

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