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Thursday, June 28, 2012

So hot again!! These poor dogs on the concrete! I want to give them all sandals.

I met with a new client today who is actually an old neighbor who moved next to an existing client of mine 5 years ago.  She now needs a sitter.  Reuniting with her and the dog and meeting her son who is SUPER cute (and you know I'm not usually a kid person).  This dog and her neighbor dog (my other client) are sworn enemies.  They are both so sweet, it's a shame that when they are in each others presence they wish to fight to the death.

I have another client who is moving from near front st. to the river.  I know it's technically very close, however crossing Delaware ave not only seems like a death trap, but also a huge pain!  I hate to sound like that and vent that going a few extra blocks east is a big deal (it really isn't in theory), but it feels so much further! I tried to make myself nice boundaries in the city, but I continuously exceed those boundaries because I can't say no to business.  Especially when I receive a note with my check that says "Don't leave us! We need you!"  Tug at my heart why don't ya??? :)

 This hole in the screen was made for her deceased dachshund brother who was MUCH smaller.  She seems to be able to fit through when going out, but not when coming back in....

She is a "happy pee-er" so we have to get her out back quickly before belly rubs, otherwise she will dribble all over the couch. 

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