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Friday, June 29, 2012

Traffic in this city today was a NIGHTMARE!  I was supposed to go over to Rittenhouse to trim the bad cats nails.  The owner was going to give the sedative and then call me when it kicked in, then reimburse me for my cab ride.  I caught a cab at 6th and Lombard.  I said 19th and Spruce.  This guy was on the phone the WHOLE ride, barely paying attention to his surroundings.  Phone call after phone call, etc... we hit 17th st and Lombard is closed, so we have to detour south on 17th.  So we go south to Fitzwater, then to 18th, then a right.  After a few blocks, 18th st is closed!  So we detour yet again and end up at 16th and Lombard.  In my head, I'm thinking he will go north on 16th st.  NOPE!!  He hangs a left and gets back on Lombard headed towards 17th St!!! Which was where we first had to detour!!!  I keep interrupting him and he keeps telling me, "Don't worry! This traffic, it's not my fault."  I keep repeating how I know the traffic isn't his fault, but it IS his fault that he took me in a complete circle and still wants to keep the meter running!!!  UGH!!  So then he starts explaining how his phone calls were about insurance claims, etc.  Um, that's great, but you still took me in a complete circle in crazy traffic and had us end up back to where we started with the first detour!  He finally realized what he did, cars aren't moving, and I just tell him that I'm giving him $10 and getting out right there.  So in my fit of rage I stomp over to 19th and Spruce all while venting to the poor client on the phone.  My adrenaline and anger got me there in less than 5 minutes!  These cabs will make you crazy!!

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