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Friday, June 29, 2012

99 degrees and dog walking - ugh!  I have to go out for round 2 soon and am dreading it. What is the point in showering if I'm only going to shower again in a few hours?  I don't know if I am just cranky with the heat, but most things were annoying me today.  My morning started off ok, cat visits and such.  Had a gaggle of kittens almost run out their front door in search of food.  Ravenous little monkeys they are!  The one little one needs nose drops, eye ointment, and antibiotics.  He is just crusty and sniffly but eating like a pig!

I then went to my last visit with Shiner.  It didn't seem to matter how often I visited, he still peed and pooped everywhere other than his litterbox :( Thank god for drop cloths.  We spent some quality time together, on occasion had lunch together... I'm going to miss his company.  Judging from how he was with me today, he will miss mine too!
Holding my hand

Guarding my hand

I then caught the bus to old city for more cats.  While waiting for the bus back, I encountered a strange lady. It was extremely hot at this point and perhaps we were all a bit nutty, but this lady was um... well, let's just start here with a pic:

I couldn't get much closer, but the gist of it is this:
She is in her mid to late 60's if not older
Her jeans had rhinestones on the butt
Her shirt was light yellow with a picture of Tinkerbelle
In bold black letter on the shirt it said "Irresistible"

She was pacing back and forth looking for the bus.  In her defense, it was taking FOREVER to come.  I did however see her completely disregard cars that were coming up 4th st to look for the bus and she nearly got hit a few times. 

This bus stop is also right next to a daycare with an outdoor area.  All of the kids and teachers were outside playing at this point, and she saunters over to the gate with her cigarette and watches them intently.  She was trying to get the attention of kids,  dancing with them, wiggling when the teacher said, "Wiggle"..... it was off-putting.  No one said anything to her, not even the teachers.  It made me question the ratio of female predators to male predators though.

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