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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UGH!!!!  What a weekend!!!  So as some of you know, my Persian kid Max was diagnosed with HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) a few years ago.  He has been on meds and has been stable.  This past week he has been "off", so I took him to the vet on Saturday.  We did chest xrays and started him on Lasix thinking that there was some fluid around the heart.  After 3 days of Lasix, he stopped eating and became more lethargic and uncomfortable.  We went BACK to the vet yesterday and took blood, gave an antibiotic shot and an appetite stimulant.  He still hasn't eaten.  I called Tina at WAG to see if she could do anything with herbs or acupuncture to help him out.  He is going in today for treatment.  He is also seeing the cardiologist  tomorrow afternoon.  I'm worried sick, I'm not sleeping well because I keep waking up to check on him. 

I called for the blood results today and it seems that the Lasix really dehydrated him, so I had to pick up subcutaneous fluids.  He is only 6 lbs, so he can only handle 50 ml at a time.  Plus with a bad heart you can't give too much.  This is so frustrating!!  I have exhausted all of my resources and am so grateful for the help that I have received thus far.  It's so tough to know what you are doing and have colleagues who know what they are doing, and we are all scratching our heads when things aren't working.  Sigh....  my poor little fuzz face.

When I came home last night, this is how I found him

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