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Friday, June 22, 2012

As an update, Max is improving.  After much TLC, time, money, trips, medicine, he is eating on his own and becoming more himself.  The whole thing was crazy!  I really thought it was his heart.  We went to the vet on Monday, acupuncture at WAG on Tuesday, and the cardiologist on Wednesday.  His heart looked fine, so we decided to treat as if he had allergies and acid reflux.  After a cerenia injection, he came home and went right over to the food and started eating!  The shock on my face... so happy... but whoa!  I was just force feeding him baby food!  This week was just a gigantic emotional roller coaster for all of us. 

Also this week it has been like walking in the fiery pits of hell.  I am sweating profusely at everyones house, and in the street, and on the bus, and surprisingly in cabs because the drivers are from hot climates and don't feel the need to turn the air on!!!!  I'm a little frustrated with this! 

I'm watching an old man cat who I LOVE while his parents are on their honeymoon.  They said he has "accidents".  When I went in he pooped in 3 spots on the living room rug and then peed ALL OVER the plastic they put down in their dining room.  ALL OVER.   I don't mind cleaning it, I just wasn't expecting quite so much.  Now that i know, I will come over more prepared.  He has such an innocent face and loves to cuddle, I can't get mad. 

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  1. Aw, I love Max and I love his Mommy. I can't tell you how relived I am to see him getting back to his old cuddle-monster self! As for the old man cat, he does have a face you can't get angry at :)