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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hot! It's so hot again!  I need to eat more to maintain this schedule.  There were SO many things going on in the city today that I kept getting distracted on my way to feedings! Flea Markets, art events, yard sales, farmers markets.  No wonder I'm exhausted!  I took the bus to 25th and Locust for my final visit with the Pippa

Then walked over to chestnut to catch the bus.  Missed the bus and kept walking.  Found myself at a farmers market at Rittenhouse that was actually cheaper than the ones over by me!! Go figure.  I got kale, strawberries, and squash.  Strawberries are gone already. 
I went to visit with guinea pigs and have playtime, plus share my kale and strawberries.  They were delighted!

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