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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The perfect day for dog walking! Sunny, warm, breezy... in February.....  I'm not complaining, I'm going with it. :)  People are in good spirits, dogs are happy, it's quite a change for Philadelphia.  The only interesting thing to account for today is running into an old co-worker/friend and her daughter (3 yrs old I think?)  I had a HUGE dog with me, and when we told her to say hi, she yelled "WOOF!!!" Super cute.  Then she asked if I was Miss Finch.... my friend said no of course, and then explained that it was something from Sesame Street.  "Miss Finch from Follow that Bird?!" I replied.  I don't know if I should take it as a compliment or not, but it was definitely a first :)

I also discovered from talking to a client about his condo association meetings, that I want to be a fly on that wall!  Well, a fly who can speak and argue points.... but  a fly nonetheless.  I picture them like town meetings from Gilmore Girls.  Small, tight knit crowd, fighting over things that are so menial, while ignoring more important problems.  I feel I am missing out on this, being a homeowner.

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