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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pet sitter saves wedding day!!!!

I received a call last night from a frantic groom who's dog sitter backed out last minute on the day of his wedding!!  The nerve!  Luckily he was close by so I swooped in to help :)  Met both owner and dog this morning - both very nice.  Now one less thing to worry about before getting hitched.  Crisis averted !

I know this has nothing to do with pets, but since it was so nice out today, people were wearing less layers (myself included).  I noticed more clothes and how it really annoys me when women wear shirts that are nearly the exact same color as their skin!  Regardless of race, there is a shade of shirt that matches any skin tone, and it really makes folks do a double take and think to themselves, "Is she naked??"  I saw an example of this today on 5th st.  It's a menial gripe, but I hate to stare.  I am jaded though.  Many years ago when I worked at Cosi in Old City, there was a very large black woman walking up 4th st in the early afternoon completely naked!  Since I know it does happen in this city, I feel I always have to make sure!  

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  1. Well, her pants don't match her skin...