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Sunday, February 12, 2012

About a year ago I was going to watch a cat for the first time.  The only way I know this cat was there was the fact that the litter was spoiled and the food was eaten :)  I never saw him!!  One morning when I reached the house, I saw a young squirrel behind the flower pot looking scared.  I went inside, did my work, came back out, and it was still there!  I tried to give it crackers (usually works), or at least see if it was hurt, friendly, etc.  After about an hour and talking to all the passers by, I decided to try to get the squirrel in a carrier and take it to my back patio to see what it's story was.  Armed with gardening gloves and a cat carrier we tried to get it.  It jumped in and out of my hand, then after a little while took off like the wind!  I sometimes wonder what ever happened to that kid....

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