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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's been a few days.  A lot has been going on really...  busy weekend of pets, plus the Superbowl.  First let me say that aside from Madonna's magical performance, I would have rather watched the puppy bowl.  I know it was back and forth the whole time, and so close, blah blah blah... I just can't get THAT excited about football.  Before we headed to our "super bowl get-together", I had to give insulin to a new clients diabetic cat.  I met there cats before Christmas, so my memory was a little fuzzy almost 2 months later.  Luckily their wonderful owners left very detailed instructions (sometimes you really need that!!).  So there are 2 female cats, both all black, but only 1 is diabetic.  Considering I only met them once, I of course was nervous about telling them apart.  I remembered that one had some white, and the other didn't.  What I didn't know is that their eyes were different colors as well.  Here I am in their basement kitchen feeding them and picking up the head of the one that is eating to check for gold eyes!  Poor thing, I had to check 3 times and interrupt dinner just to make sure I was giving insulin to the right cat!  Luckily all went well.... but I have to say that before you are used to a certain routine with new animals, it can be quite nerve wracking. 

As for the rest of this week, it has been pretty uneventful.  The full moon is tonight, I am feeling it, the dogs are feeling it, everything is just a bit "off."  Trying to lay low until it passes.

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