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Friday, February 24, 2012

WHAT A NIGHT!  Night 2 with my deerhead :) She ate like a piggie yesterday which is wonderful, but was quite anxious (I know the feeling).  We did our normal walks, she did her normal business, and then at around 2 am got very restless.  I woke up, gave her a calm down pill and some food, and she was still edgy.  The next time I stood up, she got up to go out.  So we did, at 2 am, in the rain.  She peed and had some loose poo :( Poor kid.  We got back, she got comfy and fell asleep, I was up for another hour and a half.  Sigh... Then at 4am am the house alarm starting beeping and I had to get up and figure out why.  Well, I don't know why... but I got it to stop.  Then another half hour awake.  Fall back asleep to wake up at 7am to take my deer out again for her morning walk and give her meds and breakfast.  I feel like a zombie right now.  I don't know if i should sleep or shower and start my day, I"m all confused.  She is lucky that I love her so much :)

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