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Thursday, February 9, 2012

So if I had the "day of impeccable timing", yesterday would be called "The day of the worst timing ever in the history of timing!"  Post full moon, I know I should expect some setbacks, however yesterday nothing went right.  Started my dogs at 10am with one of my favorites!  Huge fuzzy kid who loves to hug and snuggle and the folks who come to clean the house are scared of him.  The deal is that I take him out so that they can clean the kitchen where he stays, but they didn't end up coming yesterday.  I thought it was serendipitous. I get some more quality hug time, plus an early start!! All was well in my neighborhood... dog walks went smoothly.  Then I go to take the bus down to old city for my bulldog.

I caught the bus at 3rd and Catherine, we make it to Pine and see that there are police cars and the street is blocked off.  We then have to make a huge loop back to Lombard to go to 5th.  We head down 5th and I notice there are "Road Work" signs ALL OVER!  They are making this city like a maze for rats!  So we finally get back down to 3rd st, we make it to Arch, and across Arch is a van parked sideways facing a girl laying in the middle of 3rd st, seemingly unable to move her legs.  I was planning on going another block, but I just got out there.  I have no idea what the bus drivers plan was.  So I cross Arch, pass the girl who has someone by her side making a call to 911.  I wanted to ask if she needed anything, but then didn't because she did have help.  I hate being that nosy person after the fact asking, "Can I do anything??"  She was sitting up and aware, but seemed painful.  Maybe it was the moon, maybe it was hormonal, but I walked past her feeling horrible and started to tear up, especially when I heard the ambulance sirens. It literally took 30 min. to get from #rd and Catherine to 3rd and Arch.

  Deep breath, dog kisses, try to take the bus back on 4th. 

The bus is nowhere in site, so I decide to try to catch the one on 8th since I have to go to 10th st anyway.  There are a TON of people waiting for the bus on 8th (at 12:30 on a Wednesday??!!) and they are all pushing to get on.  I found a seat in the back and had a very tall man standing up next to me.  So tall that his ass was eye level with my face as I was sitting.  I then started to ponder... what could happen in this situation if the bus jerked?  Could he fall on my head ass first? Could he fart on my face?  Could he turn around and put his front "parts" in my face?  None of these options were appealing as I rode on the most claustrophobic bus ever.  When I finally got out at my stop, I was dizzy and nauseous and just trying to walk it off.  I was running late, so I got to the next dogs house, and the next, and then the cats, etc, etc.... then it started snowing.  That beautiful midday flurry that is magical to walk in.  Things were looking up until it was getting dark and then just cold and rainy and I had to go to one more cats house!!! Grrr!!

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