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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What a morning!! I went to bed super early, woke up at 6am, threw up (sorry if it's TMI) but it set the tone for the day.  I have just been worn out with my stomach hurting trying to get everything done.  Cats and Cats and more Cats this morning, and then there was the dog.  The VERY sweet and EXTREMELY playful black lab puppy who is about 7 months old and a ball of energy. He has eyes that make you melt and loves to jump and eat and jump and play and lets just say he was happy to see me.  He ran down the stairs and jumped up on his back feet, and with his 2 front feet (and his mighty force) pushed me by my stomach into the couch.  On a normal day this is tolerable.  On a weak stomach day, I was just hoping to keep my minimal breakfast down while walking him. 

I also made a dinner trip to feed some indoor and outdoor cats and there were pigeons flocking to the roof waiting for me to put the food down!!  I have never seen this here before!  I literally had to shoo them away because the cats were just interested in eating.  I don't understand... I never will.  I hope they put up a fight because those birds do not need to be eating Friskies!! Look at em!  Just waiting to poo on my head to distract me so that they can all eat.  I swear they were calling their friends over.

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  1. like my husband says-city pigeons have MAJOR Attitude!!