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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ever wake up to someone staring at you?  I did an overnight at my favorite greyhounds house last night. I sleep on the couch, she sleeps on the floor.  The first night at someone else's house I usually wake up every few hours just because it's unfamiliar.  My last wake up was at 6 am and I fell back asleep on my back (apparently with my mouth open and drooling down the left side of my face) I feel someone staring at me and I open my eyes to find Sasha literally making eye contact and her nose just an inch from my face, but not touching.  Startling because she looks like a deer.  I wiped my face and got up to take her out.  7am on the dot.  The phrase "Deer in headlights" must be changed to "Pet Sitter in headlights when awoken by a dog who looks like a deer"

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