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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentines day, and I should be feeling love from everyone, but some animals today were hating me.  I got very little sleep and an early start to my day, my second stop was in the Rittenhouse area for some nail trimming and butt shaving with 2 cats.  One of the cats is ok, the other is um.... "not cooperative" (to say the least)  The uncooperative gal was given Valium 2 hours prior to me coming in hopes that it would make her more accessible to our needs.  By the time I got there, the pill had worn off and we were in for a fight.  I called the vet to double check how much we could give, and we gave yet another pill.  In the interim, we cut nails on all 4 feet on her sister AND did a butt shave.  By that time the Valium should have kicked in.... it didn't.  Lets just say there was hissing, screaming, swatting, striking, biting, and kicking.  It took 2 grown women 45 minutes to hold this cat down, clip her nails on all 4 feet, and shave her butt.  We both had bleeding war wounds when we were through, but we did it!  It was triumphant!  

My next stop was to pill a cat that was giving her owner problems.  As soon as I lifted the bedskirt to coax her out, she hissed and came after me, batting at me with both hands and chasing me out of the bedroom!  Thus far, my morning was a wash.  I was covered in band aids and my ego was shot. 

Such a long day, so many stops to make on very little sleep, and my last one was my poor bulldog friend who just had eye surgery.  His pout while wearing an e-collar broke my heart, but my must heal! 

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