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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh this week!!  So last night I was making my way over to my last 2 stops of the night.  It was dark, chilly, and rainy and I was headed to walk 3 dogs.  Yaaaayyyy.....

I get to the first place, a condo building with 2 dogs and a cat who I absolutely LOVE.  The owners left keys for me in a lock box on the front gate.  We have done this before with  no problem.  SO I get the keys out and see that they are new.  I try to get the gate open, the key doesn't work.  I tried all the keys numerous times and I can't get in.  Sigh...  I call the owner, can't get a hold of her.  Luckily I remember that I watched cats in that same building and could call her to see if she could let me in.  Thank god she was home and able to come retrieve me.  She tried the keys as well, no luck.  She lent me her set so that I could walk the dogs and get back in afterwards.  The only key that worked was the one for their particular apartment.  I remembered that I had a spare set of keys from watching the cats at home, so I walked the dogs back over to my house where Mike was nice enough to find the key that I needed, and then we walked all the way back over to their place (marking every trash bag and pole along the way with pee)  We get back, return the keys to the neighbor, get the dogs settled and I head to my deerhead to sleep on the couch again.  She woke me up at 6 am for a walk outside and I started my day after that.

I missed the bus on 3rd st and a nice older man came up to me with a schedule for the 57, told me when the next bus was coming, and then insisted that I keep the schedule. So cute for 7am on a Saturday.

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