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Monday, February 20, 2012

Day from hell.  This was a day from hell.  Let's preface this by saying my phone has been acting up lately.  I started my morning cat visits at about 8 am - I got a few phone calls and texts up until about 10 am - then when I tried to text back, my phone wasn't working.  The touch screen wasn't responding to touch.  I take the battery out, turn the phone off a few times, etc... nothing.  If it rang, I couldn't pick it up.  If I got a text, I couldn't see it.   I am finally able to head home and try to call T-Mobile from my land line and they are closed for Presidents Day!!!  What the hell?? So I start calling T-Mobile stores in the city to see if THEY are open.  Some are, some aren't.  In the meantime I have 2 -4 texts waiting for me that I cannot read, telling me whether or not I need to walk certain dogs today at lunch, and lunchtime is quickly approaching!  At this point, I just need a phone that works!  So I walk to my closest store.  They are closed, but supposed to be open.  The guy with the key is running late.  SO I wait about 30 min for him  to get there, and finally get help.  Long story short, I spend a small fortune on a new phone b/c my upgrade isn't due till May 20th and I need a phone NOW.  My business IS my phone.  I spent a good 45 min trying to rationalize spending that much on this phone and by the time I get out of the store it's 12:45.  So I immediately call the clients who texted me earlier to see if I am walking their dogs.  I am. Sigh....

So I head to Old City, come in to a sad bulldog with a crusty, goopy eye (just had eye surgery) looking miserable and 2 large piles of diarrhea on the carpet.  I get him in the crate and clean up his mess, which was quite stinky.  I let him out again, and then realize the pet spray I used turned my fingers white!  So I wash 3 times with Dawn to try to get this crap off of my fingers.  I catch the bus back, walk the other dogs, get everything taken care of that I need to and have 30 min. to rest before leaving for my Dr. appt.  At my LAST visit of the day, I walk in the house quickly because the cat tries to run out of the door and I knock over her coat rack.  All of her jackets and bags go flying, as does the cat, and it's just the icing on the cake to my day.  Luckily his sweet face and him nosing me made me smile. 

So now that I have a new fancy schmancy expensive phone, I feel the need to take on MORE work to pay for it.  Vicious cycle it is.

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