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Friday, February 3, 2012

This was the day of impeccable timing!!!  Very crazy how things worked out. 

Let me start off with the cats that stole my money.  I watch 2 adorable young cats, one has calmed down, and one is BAD.  Bad with a capitol B, but he is the sweetest cuddlebug ever.  They have a tendency to climb the walls, knock everything off of flat surfaces, hang of the shower curtain, un-roll toilet paper, scratch everything even though they have fabulous cat trees and scratching posts... etc.
I stopped by today to do a nail trim on them so that they cannot attach themselves to the walls (at least for a week or so)  Their owner said she would leave money for me, but when I got there I didn't see anything.  After she told me where it started out this morning, I realized that they stole it!  And possibly ate it?  It was under a jar of treats and the jar was on the floor.  I searched 3 levels of the house, no money.  I think they are hoarding it to buy more Greenies.

On my way to old city, I passed by the park on 2nd and Market and there were no dogs, but a cell phone in the grass.  I thought to myself, "If that were MY phone, I would want someone to try to find me." So I took a spin through the park, picked it up and the battery was almost dead, but there were 24 missed calls, so I knew someone was looking for it.  I called the number that made most of the calls "Chef Bruce", and this guy answered and seemed less than enthused that I found this phone, but said he lived across the street and would come down.  While I was waiting there, I saw a younger guy searching around the park and said, "Are you looking for a phone?"  He looked so relieved and said, "Yes!! That's my phone!"  Said the guy I spoke to was his roommate and he was sleeping and not going to come down for anything.  Good deed #1, my mitzvah if you will.

Then if was off to 20th and Chestnut to a cat, having to stop by the GAP outlet right next to her apartment.  $1.97 tank tops!!  And nice ones!!  I purchased many.

Then caught the bus, planning on getting out at 9th and Chestnut.  The bus stops at 11th and isn't going anywhere.  There is a protest for something with healthcare.  TONS of people shouting and singing and blocking Chestnut between 10th and 11th.  There is a LINE of bus's, all empty, drivers on the sidewalk looking frustrated, and traffic backing up for blocks.  I get out and just walk to the dog at 9th and South.  Just so happens this is the wedding dog.  I got there earlier than planned, but fed him dinner and took him out anyway.  AS I was putting peanut butter in his KONG, I see the storm door open.  The wedding party came to the house to take pictures with the dog and some by the front door!  I was actually needed to get the harness on the dog and then hold him back while they took other pics. Impeccable timing again!  Plus I got to see the happy bride and groom take super cute pictures and they were both beaming.  I am not one for big weddings and pictures and massive festivities, but I had to say that they looked so cute and so happy!  I got a little choked up and I just met them once this week!  What a Friday!  I'm exhausted!

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