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Monday, May 21, 2012

I am trying to mentally prepare for this weekend.  I don't know, it will be a crazy one!  I keep getting requests and I can't say no! :(

Earlier today I walked Rocko.  He is a happy, chubby beagle who had disc surgery a little over a year ago.  He gets around much better now, but is still pretty stiff in the hind end.  We started out slinging him to walk and carrying him up and down the stairs. Now he runs down the street (especially for pizza crust)!  He lives in the first floor apartment.  The 2nd floor neighbor tends to open his door to let his very large cats roam the stairwell.  I'm always scared they will run out the front door, but they never do.  They used to fear Rocko, now they just stare at him.  It's nice that they all coexist like that.

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