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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The morning started out rainy and muggy. Managing to peel myself out of bed to walk to the bus was tough.  The bus wasn't coming.  This is the time where I toy with the notion of walking or waiting.  Considering my never ending impatience, walking usually wins. Today I walked, then waited, then walked, then waited.... made it 3 blocks before I saw the bus coming down Lombard.  I got on and it was PACKED.  Apparently lazy was the theme of the morning.  I sat in the back and was in awe that each stop had about 5+ people waiting.

 It was a quiet ride until an elderly woman got on at 11th St.  When I say elderly, I mean older.  She was not disabled,  she was completely mobile, and she had a mouth on her!  She started immediately yelling at a younger guy (on a packed bus) for sitting up front.  All I heard was , "It says these seats are for the ELDERLY!  CAN'T YOU READ??!!"  He was spooked, as we all were, and immediately offered his seat.  She yells, "NO!" and walks to the back cursing him under her breath and sits next to me.  This is all before 9 am.

I run around all day and literally it turned into a sunny summer day out of nowhere!  I was ill prepared.  No sunglasses, no cold beverages, still had a long sleeved shirt...  This weather is making me nuts.  I did however meet the cutest 10 week old shih tzu puppy named Sushi around the corner from my house who was very interested in my toes!  That face made me melt.

Kittens are eating more and more on their own, yay!  Hopefully they can all find great homes (hint hint)

Enjoying Breakfast

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