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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun facts about peoples buildings. I am a big fan of jobs in a highrise.  I have made friends with the front desk folks at quite a few buildings in this city.  At one in particular, a gentleman at a front desk decided we were on a "kiss hello" level out of nowhere last year!  It was out of a Seinfeld episode.  I didn't know what to do but try to avoid it, he will follow my head turn.  Love the guy, but i will admit it's a bit awkward....  and what can you say?? Stop being friendly? Don't touch me please?  Hugs are ok but nothing else?  It's a touchy subject.  Luckily there is only one that does this. 

Some front desk attendants who don't even look up when you come into a building and seem to "make themselves scarce" while they are in the middle of their shift.
For example:
Picking up food at a nearby restaurant
Having a cigarette...out back..
Taking a VERY long time in the bathroom with no note stating when you will be back

Mostly I have had excellent luck with everyone and they have even proven to be great references! The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is when I enter very fancy buildings and the uniformed doormen literally RUSH and  scramble to open both sets of doors for me. I know this is their job, and if they are standing at the door I can deal, but when they are chatting and not paying attention, I am perfectly capable of opening doors.  Plus I am in pet sitting gear smelling of animal walking into a ritzy highrise.  It just strikes me as unnecessary.  I don't live there, I don't expect this service, and I find myself telling them that they don't have to do this for me and thanking them profusely. 

Here is a sign of a fancy place in this city.  When you go into the Trash Room on the designated floor and on the actual chute it says this:

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