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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have been since for about  a week now - slowly but surely getting better.  It was one hell of a cold and I was downright loopy on Advil Cold and Sinus.  I swear, I can't take adult medications!  My body doesn't react well.  Next time I am sticking with Triaminic orange.  Nothing wrong with being 30 and taking kids meds right?

I had an EXCELLENT support system to help get the dogs walked and cats fed while under the weather.  Mike or Terry escorted me many places and walked dogs, picked up poo, and made sure I got from point A to point B without passing out in the street somewhere. :)  Many thanks to them!

Yesterday was absolutely insane, as I had way too much on my plate.  I have an accountant helping me with taxes now that I have the business and this poor man is so patient.  I am CLUELESS when it comes to this stuff. I walked a dog before I  met with him for most of the morning yesterday.  After he left me with my list of duties (info he needed, places to call, etc) - I ran over to my first cat which I was late for.  I spoke to the owner on the way informing her that I was running late and she told me that a cat had kittens under a car on her street and could I take a look and assess?  She was planning on trapping them when she got home.  I found the mom and kittens and tried to see what we were dealing with.

Four kittens, 1 mom, alot of drama.  She was very unfriendly and protective, refusing to come out from under the car.  It turned into nearly 2 hours of neighbors (and myself) trying to get these cats.  One guy had 2 dogs, and we thought if we brought the dogs to the one side of the car, the cat would come out the other side.  We were wrong.  The cat came out and went after the dogs!  One was ready to fight, and the other (much bigger) one ran away down the street in fear.  We had towels, brooms, gardening gloves, it was quite a spectacle.  Construction workers kept walking by scaring the mom cat and we asked them to cross the street so as not to scare her and they smiled, ignored us, and walked by.  They only spoke Espanol.

Somehow we maneuvered everyone and I got the 4 kittens in the carrier, then hoping mom would get in with them.  She first chose eating a can of tuna over the babies, then went in, grabbed one, and took off.  UGH!!!  At this point we were nearing hour 2 and I had dogs to walk that I was late for, etc.  We had to go.  So I took the remaining 3 kittens home and I am bottle feeding them.  THey are still trying to trap the mom and the one kitten, I hope they can... but at least we can save these guys and adopt them out.  What a morning it was!!!!  Apparently I am a sucker and too nice.  To a fault.  I can't resist these faces!!!

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