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Friday, April 20, 2012

Yesterday was up there in one of those days that was so bad I didn't even feel the urge to write.  Started out ok.... fluids went well, etc... then I went to go rescue my big boy from the cleaners.  When I got there, the cleaners hadn't gotten there yet.  I got Stanley ready to go out and then they came as we were going to leave. (He really does not care for them) So the plan was to be out for a half hour.  I was going to meet up with a friend and her dog but Stan the man decided he didn't want to walk.  When he puts the brakes on, I can literally hang at the end of the leash with my whole body weight (picture a water skier) I bribed him with treats and he got further and did his business but he was being so stubborn.  I don't know why! :( All he wants to do is cuddle, which is fine, but he always wants to walk too!  I get him home and settled - go to spend some time with my friend who I haven't seen in ages and then head to the rest of my dogs.

By this time it's about 1pm and I haven't eaten anything except for a protein bar that morning.  I head to the first dog who ALSO did not want to walk (but is much smaller) and we did our thing.  I don't want people to see me as the dog walker who drags dogs down the street against their will.  Ugh :(

I then have to head back up north to the next dog.  By this time I am thinking food is needed and I stop to get a crappy sandwich at WAWA because it's quick. Definitely not my first choice.  I get to the next house to find the gate locked.  The gate is never locked, I have no key.  I have to step up onto the flower bed next door and lean over the fence to unlock it, all while trying not to look like a burglar, and finally get in.  I am texting the owner all of this as it is happening just in case she gets weird phone calls.  Then some neighbor sticks his head over the gate and says, "You have a flat tire again!" I didn't know he was speaking to me, so I turned around and he repeated himself.  I said "I don't live here." He says, "You don't??" I tell him I am their dog walker, but I will relay the message.  He just walks away... yeah... And for the record, the woman who lives there is a tall blond.  I am a short brunette.  Not sure how we could be confused...

Post walk, I have to medicate a cat nearby.  He gets a 1/4 of a small white pill in goat cheese.  She has a container of goat cheese crumbles to make it easier.  Do you know what happens when you drop 1/4 of a small white pill into a container of goat cheese crumbles??!!  It is lost forever.  Ugh!  Had to get another pill... yada yada yada... this day was just not going my way.  I get home, still have 3 more dogs to walk on my street.  Get them taken care of.  Pees, poops, excitement.

I finally get home home, a friend stops by, we are talking for a while, and then I get a phone call telling me that my elderly neighbor (who was a very close friend to me) passed away yesterday. I don't even remember my friend leaving my house.  I cried, I bought crap at Ross that I didn't really NEED, I cried more, forced dinner in me and fell asleep.  I can only hope that today is better.  I am still quite down in the dumps, but I will get some good dog hugs later this afternoon by this fine lady:

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